Savage-Lands - [PVP] - [Raid Weekend only] - [2x XP] - [2x Gathering] - [New players friendly] - [Voice chat]

Hey guys, Join our new server Savage-lands : an official-like rates for a true PVP experience!

Players can fight and kill eachother at any time but raiding and base destroying is only active on the weekend to suit a more casual audience.

The server is beginner friendly and is freshly open since : 05/28/2019 It has 20 slots right now but can be increased up to 40 if need be.

Finally, our administrator is independent and will not intervene except for rule breaking behavior. Plus administrator is experienced with server management with years of running other game’s servers like Minecraft, Rust and now Conan Exiles !

Hope we see you on Savage-Lands! Quick join : steam://connect/
Discord link :

Community growing and the server is hosted by G-Portal official partner of Funcom!

Do not join this server
If they find out that you play on more then one server you will be kicked of

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