PC - Official Server PvP . Raiding/Farming/Fun


For PC = eastern time zone.

I have a huge base in one of the top 10 areas to build in conan. I have a surplus of weapons, armor, farming gear, food, and potions. Been keeping quiet so i wouldnt be bothered. I have tons of raid ready materials. I need people who simply enjoy playing and will respect the hard work of everything ive built. People should want to make a contribution of either farming, leveling up to be ready to raid, or both. The main idea is to have fun. I will be setting up a discord. If everyone is motivated enough the ideal goal would be to become alpha. Im experienced in running a clan before so i will schedule raids so everyone can enjoy them. Come raid, farm, and have fun with me. email me at [email protected]

Must be mature player. 18+
Have a good attitude with your clan. My clan is one that will build its mats silently (staying out of global chat, though local chat to communicate with new people is fine). No berating others. If you dont like someone lets just send them back to the desert.

May I ask which official server you are on?

Im sorry but no. I dont want people who know what i have coming to my server and raiding me because they know i still need more man power or joining another clan here and telling them about me. I can promise you all aspects of the game that most come to enjoy. Other than that youll either have to take a chance on it or leave it. Once you contact me and we discuss each others gaming habit i would then disclose actual server number.

Understandable, I like that you are beeing careful. I mostly asked cuz I was curious if you are on our server cuz then me and my friends would have been interested to join or the other way around since we are searching for people as well.

Email me and we can go from there. My steam id is also SourAppleD