PC Patch (25.06.2019) - The Warmaker's Sanctuary, Population Revamp, Temperature and more!

Was this intended to affect mod-added structures? Case in point: Pythagoras Support Beams, I’ve had quite a few roofs come down, rather the unpleasant surprise.

It allows me to re-place them but they just get deleted again when I restart the game (single player, fwiw)

The new soothing healing buff is bugged. If you take any damage, from a short fall for instance, you lose the buff and it does not come back, even if you are still neither hot nor cold.

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Not sure why they are being removed, but it’s a mod problem not a game problem. I’m looking into it mare. Please post questions and observations on the workshop page so it’s easier for me to follow.

I second the observation by @Vetricar. Does anyone know if a server restart restores the buff? I won’t be able to check until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

Since the patch, admin-teleport (on the map) does no longer adjust properly for height. I ported from atop Shatterd Basin to the north of Sepermeru and died due to a long fall down.
Additionally it seems as if porting is doing damage to my character, even if the char lands properly.

Does anyone else experience this?

As a workaround I port to mountaintops nearby my target…

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After Patch, how is it possible to heal bleeding instantly? Even with 40 Survival you get bleed now. Tried every Portion and food, nothing works. Only wraps, but have to stand still for 6 seconds, Weapon unequipped. So in a pvp fight you are dead, especially against daggers.

Any help known?

Hey everybody,

There’s a known issue for the Soothing effect and our team is looking into it.


dying does. it was bugged for me. removed bracelet and it was back but not for long.

Thank you Multi (and thank you for all your modding work). As I see it there are two issues here:

  • the beams going poof: this is conceivably a mod issue (which you’d be in a better position to judge than me), though it could be a case of the illegal structure removal script being a bit overreaching. If there would be a way to exclude non-default building blocks from such scripts in the future that’d be much appreciated.
  • the illegal structure removal script being run on every sever (re)start. Based on comments by Support in these forums this script should have been a one-off, which would have just allowed those affected to rebuild and move on. This does not appear to be the case and every server (re)start things go poof again. (on a side note, running this script each time likely also doesn’t help loading times when there are loads of buildings around)

I’ll keep a close eye on the Steam workshop and thank you again for your work.

as devs answered before to me, no way to heal bleeding anymore. surv can make it effect shorter, but it still bleed

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The illegal structure removing script did not hit private servers, it was only executed on official. (Unless your server admin somehow got their Hands on it)

This isn’t what this is. There is definitely a validation running on game start up (or dev kit play session start up) that checks for “unstable” buildings (whatever unstable means, the stability of the modded buildings in question is at 100 when it’s removed). I know because I can see the code running in the output logs, and it’s what’s removing the overlapped buildings in that instance. The super duper unfortunate part is that it’s code that’s outside modder manipulation. It’s what building blueprints (which are accessible to modders) uses to do it’s thing.

So far after working on it for a few hours, I have yet to find a way to solve it. I can turn off the overlapping so people can’t do it at all, that would be easy enough to do (quite frankly, had I been the one to design it instead of Sunday, that’s what I would have done but I can see the appeal of letting it overlap). If I did turn off the overlap, so far in my testing the beams will remain. So at least that’s the good news part. I dmed some peeps to see if I can dig up some more info, I’ll continue to update the mod workshop page as I gleam more info.

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I saw that as recently as two patches ago, thought it had been squashed. I haven’t confirmed, but when it does rear up, I always keep my character in God whilst Adminning.


@Starwalker, @Barnes, I experienced this at least 6 months ago, obviously in solo, when porting to locations near the Pagoda. I assume it was the trees since I did land on a branch one time.

Ever since that, I have done what Barnes said, since my porting had to do with updating the Wiki and had no effect on the game I was playing.

It still makes me clench up a bit as my character issues her typical ‘gonna die’ noises :wink:




It’s not like you can ghost or fly to work around it either, as those functions are cancelled/reset when you teleport.

The soothing buff actually causes some damage in my experience so far, like a de buff when it wears off and when you reboot the game.
Now in my experience most (not all), modders address issues that the original development group missed or just ignored to fix before launch, and the game is full of them bugs, some games have been online for way longer than Conan Exiles and after many years they still have same problems as in Beta stage, and devs just don’t fix them and believe that by adding new crap into the game the community is going to forget the issues at hand not addressed.
I’m pretty new to Conan Exiles but have been following the development of the game through community and friends that have been playing since early release. And some issues haven’t been fixed yet. one of them is the building issues.

I think the Soothing works for a higher temperature than I expected.
As in, I thought having it right down the middle would bring soothing.
It has to be in fact a little higher than that. Kind of like being warm. Just before your character indicator shows that you are heating up.

In the new location I am in I get warm occasionally, every time I take a sip to cool down soothing comes on. In that location it seems to be working much better.

As for it going off when attacked. I assumed this was normal? I mean, you arent exactly in a soothing/zen state when in combat to be getting a healing buff are you? Or was it intended that we could have this during combat too?

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Numbing wraps still take away bleed.

Sure they do, after 6 seconds, no moving and Weapon unequipped :poop:


In sunken temple:
“you has learnt a new recipe: dagon ancient daggers”, dagon… dagon… Dragon maybe?