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Patchnotes: :news: PC Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery [Latest: 3.0.2 (2022.09.13)] - #8 by Ignasi

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YES YES YES!! Thank you!


Good job. The invisible zombies were really getting on my nerves.

We shall see how much lightning storm was “nerfed”, but its probably a good thing that it doesnt OMGWTFBBQROFLSTOMP bases.

As a solo player on a pvp server I liked the idea of using the lightning storm against enemy bases instead of trying to carry a hundred little bombs… The idea makes me feel like a proper sorcerer.

I find it interesting that the patch notes say nothing about lightning going through map geometry, perhaps that is an intended effect?

ps. Im not sure if the dupe issue has been fixed or not? If not its a massive problem.

Still no fix to a major problem like missing an attribute point at lvl 60?

Finally I guess.

@Ignasi has there been any official word on why the MS Store version of the game has to be uninstalled then reinstalled every time there is an update?

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Double jump nerfed hard :frowning:

But it was a needed fix.

so much thanks now i have pack file corrupted again. After every fkn update is get this. And when get climbing over edges fixed or the flying through the air when an enemy hits you on a your horse? never? ok

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Me too :smiley:


Why is there still no fix for not beeing able to craft Legendary Armor Patch Kits?

And no fix for moved chests and work benches that got moved via the “move” option? They TP back to their original spot after server crash or restart and get removed if the old space is occupied with a new structure.

Lot of fixes for Lightningstorm but didn’t mention anything that it can’t hit NPC’s? Can’t be casted in any vault or boss area? Which makes it completely useless like 99% of the others spells in PvE?


Haha was actually not using it anyway, but it also looked stupid. People jumping of anywhere and clicking the double jump last second x)

How long will it take to update in the game pass?


Oh I could navigate walls faster than normal sprinting with double jump before the patch. The fix gave double jump a HUGE nerf.

Just a patch fix and that is it huh. Everyone gets to keep everything the got with the you know what. So many bodyvaults with so much stuff on them waiting for the day they can ruin servers once again.

Hey @Ignasi - has there been any fix attempts made to the lag-cliff hitting the servers at around/after 35-40 players are online?

Pre-3.0 we had a wipe (in April), and for the first few weeks the same server was able to run with 60+ people, comming down to the “orange” area. Now, post 3.0 wipe, the admins had to bring it down to 35 to operate (mostly) at around/above 5-7 S-FPS, so it seems that 3.0 “broke” something (as apparent by the frequent “stack overflow” crashes).

Server is private, without any mods, full vanilla - specs are also very good, so the hardware shouldn’t be bottlenecking it by any way.

Ah yea, forgot about that spinning up a wall thingie… it looked stupid af too xD

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Jar duping fixed (But duped ressources still in game)
Storm completely broken now

L.S 3.0.2

L.S 3.0.3

thanks for the update. any word when character transfers will open up again?

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How is it broken?