PC Private Server Whitelist Stopped Working

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug | Misc]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [North America]

I recently acquired a private server for my Twitch community and used SteamID64s to whitelist all the players. The system was working flawlessly. Then, however, due to some random server restarts (provider Host Havoc) I was told to delete the steamapps folder in the FTP and then reverify the files. After doing this the whitelisting system no longer allows anyone in. *If I turn whitelisting off in the .ini I can still log in.

In the FTP directory ConanSandbox/Saved there is a file called whitelist.txt which has all the whitelisted player IDs right there. However, when anyone whitelisted (myself the owner included) tries to login it just gives this error “Could not connect to server. This server only allows whitelisted clients!”

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Whitelisted Players using SteamID64s and everything worked flawlessly
  2. After deleting steamapps folder on the FTP side and reverifying whitelisting no longer works
  3. whitelist.txt file still exists and looks perfect
  4. Whenever a whitelisted player tries to login this error occurs: “Could not connect to server. This server only allows whitelisted clients.”

They are aware and working on it.

Oh really? Did this just become an issue last night during an update or something?

As of a couple of hours ago with the latest hotfix that was pushed. Whitelist stuff isn’t working atm, but they are working on it.

Got it. Thank you. Will wait for the fix of the fix :D.

Or, if you feel brave and own/rent a server…


Today at 9:52 AM

So my friend, just figured out a why to fix the whitelisting issue.

Download SQlite.

Compress the user accounts into a xml doc.
Open via XML.
Copy and paste the Funcom IDs into the whitelist.txt
Pop that into your server saved folder and you should be able to get in no sweat



Wait, I want to be clear on this. They are working on fix, right?

I don’t have to do this do I? :

With the server update that accompanies this hotfix, whitelisting seems to have stopped accepting SteamID. I can’t find any documentation on this, so with some pointers from the nice community on the Admins United: Conan Discord server, I figured out how to find the Funcom ID now used for whitelisting (and probably a slew of other things.)

As a server owner, you can find the ID of a player by following these steps.

  • Make sure player has tried to join your server.
  • Open the relevant log.
  • Search for their SteamID.
  • From the join attempt line where you find the SteamID, find FLSPlayerIds_MasterID and grab the number that follows. This is the new ID you need to use.

Another potential, easier method for larger volumes of players would be to add password protection to the server, remove the whitelisting and gather the IDs using Pippi, then add whitelisting again once you have all the IDs.

Some official documentation on this would be nice.

EDIT: It’s MasterID, not TitleID. My bad. This is all highly confusing.

I can confirm that the whitelisting is broken.

3 sets of people who I manage their server settings called me early this morning complaining they can’t get into their servers.

I logged in and verified that all of their Steam 64 ID’s are in the whitelist file. So at this point this is a issue.

I’m confused. Some people are saying that now you have to hunt down people’s FuncomID and use that. Is that the official statement from the devs at this point? Or are they actually working on a fix for this?

Also, how does one go about finding their FuncomID?

Yes, they are but people keep creating new topics so use the dev tracker to find what was said and what not:

This is what works for most, if not all of us, so far.

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