PC PVE Grindhouse Relaxed Explorative AoC VAM

Grindhouse AoC VAM Relaxed Exploratory PVE

While Grindhouse is 4 years old, the server started the year with a fresh wipe and exploration of PVE, AoC, and VAM with no plans to wipe again for the foreseeable future.

  • Player Slots : 30

  • Server Location: EU -English Required

  • Mods Used: AoC, Pippi, Grim Productions, Stacksize plus, lockpick plus, VAM


  • Discord Link: CS84S9q (Mandatory)

PVE 24/7.

You are welcome to create your own PVP areas around your homesteads with PVP banners plus now we have AOC battlegrounds!! Friendly thievery is encouraged as a part of exploration and play. A pocketing of a few items to show you’ve gained access. Also, Grindhouse Fightclub is an ongoing tradition that includes monthly get togethers of various kinds, allowing Fightpit only events of building destruction and PVP. Your clan homes are always safe from harm and participation is optional for the events.

5x Harvest

3x XP

Shorter night with vote options to change time of day.

Keep on death.

Level 100 potion kit available along with basic starter kit.

Loyalty coins daily.

Transportation is made easy with /sethome, /home, /return and /warp portal activated.

Settings allow for multi clan vs E play.

Character transfers available upon request. PM @Kira Simone UL with any questions or concerns.

Grindhouse is about a player tribe that is one even if we are separate clans. Trust, communication and sportsmanship are the pillars of our unity. Play and speak as if you have been invited into someone’s home to play a board game face to face.

Grindhouse is built around guidelines and settings that allow players with a full life to play hard without having to play every waking moment. We respect the life of work, kids and hobbies.


Steam Workshop::Grindhouse

Steam Workshop: Conan Exiles. Current active mod list for Conan Exiles Grindhouse Explorative.