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I selected the Offline Mod as a Favorite in Steam. How do I get it to apply to the game so I can use it?

How to Install Mods and Make them work in your game:

  1. Download any mod you want to use with your Conan Exiles game.
  2. Turn on Conan Exiles game until it gets to the menu screen.
  3. Select Mods on the Menu

a. After it loads (and it may take a bit), the left column will lists mods you have successfully downloaded from Steam.
b. The right column will list mods you have chosen to actively run with your Conan Exiles game.
c. Select any mods you want to run from the left column and, using the arrows, move the selected mod(s) to the right column.

  1. When finished, you select “Back” – at which point, the game will confirm that you understand that you will need to restart the game.
    NOTE: Any change in your mods (even mod order) will require you to restart your Conan Exiles program.
  2. Select “Yes”
  3. Wait a few seconds for Steam to register that your game is not currently running.
  4. Start Conan Exiles again.
  5. Play your game.

Thanks, that did it.

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