[PC][RP/ERP] Carnival of Chaos. 18+ PvE and RPPvP

  • War has raged for decades, scarring minds and lands alike. Unto this land of exiles come new creatures, demons, elves, fey folk and all others who find their way through unstable rifts. They arrive only to be captive within the bounds of the ghost fence, many seek to rise anew here and amass great treasures and homes of opulence. Others strive only to survive, scavenging what they can and avoiding the brutal hand of those who would be their master.

Just a brief setting of the stage. The server runs AoC, as such we have elves, vanghouls and all else about. Whatever the character flavour, you’ll find warm welcome here. It is primarily PvE, with PvP only occuring as a result of RP. Kill on Sight attitudes aren’t welcome or tolerated. Our Admin is very active, on most of the day to help welcome new players or help them out. We also welcome those of all experience levels, from beginning to advanced, so long as all remain respectful of one another. Zero tolerance towards bigotry, harassment or shaming of any sort ooc.

  • [Discord/Server Info]
    Direct connect:
    Discord: https: //discord. gg/0uSzkg50xGflvMNw
    ConanExilesRP Listing: https: //conanexilesrp .enjin. com/forum/m/36502369/viewthread/33006759-come-join-carnival-chaos-erp-pverp-pvp-server/page/1
    ( Remove the spaces after in the above, forum won’t allow me to post links or screenshots. Some screenshots can be seen at the above webpage though. :slight_smile: )

Kits level 60 boost
Emote kit
build kit to get you started
Starter kit
Exp 5x
Days are longer, Night short
Harvest 4x
Resource 7x
Crafting of items and Thralls .10
Over 50 Thespains that give quest and sell and buy items. Like resources and horses
3 Hubs built by Admin’s and Mod’s
Admin built Arena that bosses spawn in or can be use for PvP
Active and Helpful Admin

  • [Rules / Settings]
    No KoS
    No Permadeath
    Active Admin
    Semi new server looking for players to join and have fun
    T4 Thralls spawn more
    Resources respawn faster
    No Building Damage
    No Purges
    No bigotry, harassment or shaming tolerated.
    Consent forms on both discord and ingame. Warnings will be given if someone is told to stop ooc and does not. Consent is king.
    Builds will be removed after 1month of players absence if no word given.
  • Modlist

Thrall wars
Conan Sexiles
The age of Calamitous
Stun bow
Glass Construction and More
Thrall Wars Dungeon
Less building placement restrictions
Barbarism and armors
Warrior Mutator
Female wheel of pain
Seductive Derketo Priestess
Sexy Silent Legion Armor
RP Aesthetics (RA)
Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling-A Multigun Refresh
Improve Quality of Life
Admin build anywhere
Bikini Armors
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)

Can’t access Discord with the provided link. Can you please post an invitation or something, if the server still exists?