Carnival of Chaotic Debauchery (18+ E/RP/PvE Slavery)

Carnival of Chaotic Debauchery (18+ E/RP/PvE/PvP with IC Conflict, slavery
This server is heavily Modded and Scripted to allow our own unique touch to CE!
Moving on this server offers the following!
Level 60 Starter Kit (to help you start your RP more quickly)
Base Building Starter Kit
Emote Kit!
Here on this server we value RP, and player action more than anything so majority of the settings have been increased to influence more RP interactions!
Experience gain 5X
Harvest gathering 5X
Resource respawn 5X
Thralls and crafting speed is set to .10, over 50 thespians have placed around the land! All of them offer quests and or resources to barter for! One of the unique things about this server is that all of it scripted and coded! Which adds more hours of content! Besides that! We have 3 built hubs, for you to interact with other players and thespians! Not to mention the fact that we have the Arena! This is a place where players can fight! Or partake in server events! Lastly all of our Staff is active, if you help only just ask!
Come build and join the Chaos