[PC] Rubicon Exiles | LVL 300 | 2x+ | AoC | EEWA | Small Gang PVE-C | US-Central

Rubicon Exiles [LVL 300][2x+][AoC][EEWA]

Time Zone: US Central

Full Modlist: Steam Workshop::Rubicon Exiles Modlist

We seek to provide a fast-paced PVE-C server with mounds of content all the way up to level 300 (and beyond if you are brave enough). Our server features a combination of some of the best mods in the community today such as Age of Calamitous, EEWA, Better Thralls, Indrid’s Custom Races, and Classes, Glory of Combat, and more! We focus on small clan PVE-C content with weekend only building and damage from 12 PM to 8 PM. With a maximum clan size of 5, you will never find yourself outnumbered by massive zerg clans as you’d find on official servers. This is a place for you and your friends to experience all of the content Conan (and the amazing community mods) has to offer!


Choose from over 150 combinations of custom classes, ancestries, factions and sub-factions to make your character truly unique.

Magic! Cast fireballs, throw lightning, heal your friends and drain the life from your enemies. Both Age of Calamitous and EEWA provide tons of spells that are both challenging to master and incredibly rewarding to use.

Have up to 2 companions at a time and enjoy increased spawn rates for tier 4 thralls!

Enjoy the paragon leveling system which provides unique bonuses every 30 levels all the way up to level 300!

Glory of Combat re-balances warfare in Conan Exiles to be more tactical and give those lesser used weapons some much needed love!

Immersive Armor, Emberlight, The Dudes Decorations and many other mods are included so your attire and homestead can be truly your own.


Thank f**king god. This is the kind of server I’ve been looking for.

Drop by and check out the new Witch and Warlock classes!


Bump! Come join us for the weekend!




(Yazu) here… me and my friend just joined… thanks for the great server