[PC] Shield display rack, Triple-slot & Single-slot weapon display racks bugged

Game mode: Official Live
Problem: Bug

All of the display racks are bugged including: Shield Display Rack, Triple-slot Weapon Display Rack, Single-slot Weapon Display Rack. When an item is placed into any of these containers they do not show up in the world, it’s simply a blank rack hanging there. Tried against a foundation as well as a wall.

Repro steps:

  1. Create any display rack
  2. Hang it
  3. Put a weapon or a shield inside

There was a work around for this posted somewhere until FunCom gets this bug fixed.

I think you Open shield or weapon holder remove item and replace.

I haven’t tried it yet myself but read it somewhere on these pages.

We did try that a couple times with no effect unfortunately, thank you for the advice though.

I’ve tried that as well and can not get these to work.

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Came here to write the same. None of weapon or shield displays work

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Im having the same issues. It would be nice to look at my rack before going out to see my beautiful weapons/ shields.