Weapon Display Racks Broken

1 patch and 1 hotfix later and weapon racks are still broken and not displaying. My Showcase building is useless right now. Also please consider adding armor display racks.


We are now at full release and weapon display racks still do not work. What is up funcom?

Perhaps they simply want to deny us the pleasure of showing off our legendary weapons in a suitable fashion.

I recall this very bug from an earlier patch, when the racks were just released. It seems that bug wasn’t properly squashed.

They are broke on xbox too.

Well lucky for me I have my own server and was able to install a mod that added even better weapon racks.

A suitable fashion would be for people to see it displayed on my back as I travel. Not on a wall in my house.

I was thinking of armor display racks too, or mannequins. But then I remembered we have thralls.

There is a mod for armor display racks as well.

That’s good to know, but I’d rather see my epic armor sets on hot Nord chicks than on a rack.

I would love armor racks in CE, however on the weapons & shield racks on my SP PC PVP server, if you log out and log back in from either the Menu or from desktop the racks will display but don’t remove or change the weapons or it won’t display. I love to use the lantern shield as a decoration.

Which one are you using?

I am testing all of them, shield rack single and three weapon display racks on PC SP PVP

Lucky to even get them to work. I haven’t seen them work on any server.

Well if you try to switch out the weapons and shields the racks are back to not working again. You will have to logoff game and log back in, such a hassle.

We have tried every combo of trying to get them to work. Out of roughly 20 players iv talked to about this. Your the first I’ve heard to get them to work.

In my PC SP PVP server, If you change them they won’t display until you log out and in again. Even just to the main menu when you get into your game again they are working.

Still isnt working :frowning:

Yea, Edward here is playing single player. This problem is an official and private server issue.

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Remember that if I change those racks I have to leave the game and get back in to have them work.