Display racks not showing weapons

Platform: PCLive
Server: Private (deathNET - Oceania region)

Since the last big patch , none of my display racks are showing the weapons or shields. The items are there, just cannot be seen.


Same situation on Xbox One single player co-op. Sometimes shows them but mostly doesn’t display the weapons.

Yep all displays don’t show anything though the inventory is full - PC Private Server.

Same issue in Single Player.

Same issue in PC private server.
Single and triple weapon display, along with shield display - not showing items displayed. Not for me or anyone else in the server.

I have the same problem, the display’s don’t show anything in it, just in the inventory

  • PC
  • Dedicated server
  • No mod’s
  • Unofficial PvE rules config

I discovered yesterday that if you put the staff from the display rack in your inventory that the display rack has no inventory at all. its empty, no squares that indicates inventory of the rack.

Same here. Xbox private server.