[PC] [TOOL] Conan Mod Patcher

I am the author of an open source tool called Conan Workshop Mod Patcher. You can find it on Github at github.com/allquixotic/ConanPatcher .

The purpose of this tool is to make it easy and efficient to ensure that everyone playing on your modded server has the same version of all the mods (if this is not the case, the players will be unable to join your server.)

It is designed to work with mods distributed via Steam Workshop, as well as mods that are distributed through other means (like NexusMods). It also eliminates the need for players to worry about their modlist.txt or mod ordering in the GUI, since all of that is taken care of automatically.

The only requirement is that someone is able to host the Rsync server daemon on a connection with reasonably fast upload, and write the required configuration files (one JSON file and modlist.txt).

It is also intended to keep from having to constantly update your dedicated server if you have many mods that update often. If your players are downloading mods directly from Steam Workshop, they will get the latest version, and then won’t be able to connect to your server until you update your mods on the server and restart it.

This tool does not require the explicit cooperation of the server admin who actually runs the modded server, as long as you are able to somehow obtain copies of the .pak files that the server uses (e.g., by downloading the latest from Steam Workshop via a script) and serve them to users over Rsync.

It also saves bandwidth, with small patches resulting in only a small download, while obtaining a full download of the mods is also possible.

Anyone is free to use this tool on your own servers. I am not doing this to advertise the server(s) I play on. I’m working on a video tutorial right now and it will be linked to from the Github readme, so stay tuned if you want to watch a video about how to set it up.

For obvious reasons, this tool only targets, and only works with, the PC platform where Conan Exiles is installed via Steam. Non-Steam installs (if they even exist) are 100% unsupported and will probably not work with this tool.

Note: If you purchased Conan via an alternate marketplace that provides Steam keys, like Humble Bundle, that’s fine. Just activate Conan on Steam, download it through Steam, and you can most certainly use this patcher (as a player).


Just a heads up, I think Funcom is working on an official version of this. There was mention of it in the last blog post :slight_smile:

The tool Funcom is making sounds different. Their tool seems like just a basic server config and start tool, that knows nothing of mods. It isn’t even clear if it can automatically update and reboot a server.

Thanks for the feedback, you two. I think I will continue to work on this tool. I am planning a server side mod manager of sorts and the feature list is ever expanding. I’m going to make it even easier to install mods on your server, for one thing, and this is a more efficient way of updating mods (and keeping them in sync with your server) than what Funcom appears to be working on.

By the way, here is my planned feature list for the server side: https://github.com/allquixotic/ConanPatcher/issues/13