[PC] Unforgiven - challenging slow progression server | Brand new, HIGH PERFORMANCE server | No Wipe | Level 300 | Challenging dungeons | Custom quests and boss fights


Unforgiven, a fresh new world meant to challenge your ability to survive in a harsh, dangerous world while providing long-term progress and content. I wanted to recapture that new player, scary survival feel.

Runs on a dedicated HIGH PERFORMANCE machine:
Ryzen 9 5950X (4.9GHz Turbo)
16 Cores\32 Threads
128GB DDR 4
2x1TB NVMe.
10GB Port (Unlimited Traffic)

Visit our discord for much more info:

High performance dedicated server.
Server Name: Unforgiven
Map : Exiled Lands
IP :
Server : Western US
Max Level : 300


  • Very challenging progression from level 1 - 60. Do not expect to immediately jump in and start killing world bosses for legendaries.
  • High player and NPC damage settings to make fights fast, bloody and, well, unforgiving.
  • Several extremely challenging level 60+ dungeons.
  • Progress all the way to level 300, with knowledge, attributes, perks and custom content unlocked the entire way.
  • Carefully balanced weapon and armor tiers to allow constant progression without trivializing too much content.
  • A network of taverns across the map implementing custom daily quests and puzzles, epic multi-stage quests and over a dozen custom boss fights.
  • Wide variety of building mods and generous build allowances that increase as you level up.
  • Helpful, tight-knit community is a perfect place for both new and experienced players.

Partial Modlist:

Dungeon Master Tools
Beyond Decor I & II
Beyond Forge
Shani’s Stuff
Severe Weather
Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling
Exiles Extreme
Stacksize & Unlock Plus
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod
Accessory Wardrobe
Oreros Dungeon Overhauls

When you’ve played Conan for a long time and are looking for a challenge, come here. It’s been fun learning how to live as a main character with a thrall sidekick instead of the other way around.

Thank you. We’re working hard to get the right balance and make each new step challenging but achievable.

Unforgiven featured mod : Orero’s Dungeon Overhauls

Your favorite vanilla dungeons, now deadlier, with updated boss mechanics and dungeon loot with custom effects and set bonuses.

Are you up to the challenge?

Steam Workshop::Orero’s Dungeon Overhauls (steamcommunity.com)

Just moved the server to a dedicated, high performance machine. Rock on!

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Runnig Great!

Just a trio of trolls around a campfire, cooking dinner…what do you do?

We have some very talented builders on our server…

Server’s first event has just started:

To celebrate its grand opening, our new tavern, the Pit, is offering the title of Pit Grand Champion to the first player to earn the title Pit Champion by beating each of the 5 pit monsters. Earn unique reward by being the first:

  • your name immortalized on a plaque at The Pit
  • receive twice the Pit Champion bonus reward (10 extra coins instead of 5)
  • an appearance altering item of your choice. Eyes, wings, shapeshifting, horns, tails, body particle effects, skin color. If we have a mod that gives it, you can get it. Since we are not a high-fantasy server, items such as this will only be given out occasionally, and with care.

Some info on the player pit fights:

  • there are 5 bosses you can be put up against, you will get one at random when you start the daily
  • thralls are not allowed in the Pit Arena. If one is following you, it will be left where it is when you are ported into the arena
  • you have one chance each day to be victorious. If you are defeated, you will not be able to try again until your daily cooldown has past
  • the fights are VERY tough. I was able to beat each of them in Redeemed Legion Armor and a tier 6 Beyond the Forge weapon, but even I don’t win every time.
  • my only advice…be a patient, strategic fighter

So dust off your potions and buff food and start practicing your rolls.

Each tavern on the map has a list of fearsome creatures in the area that only come out at night. When darkness falls, head out in search of these dangerous night-beasts. Kill them all to earn custom pets and mounts.

A sneak peek at the upcoming weekly server event : Stygian Invasion.

Introducing Ardashier…a peaceful, prosperous marketplace, full of much that an aspiring adventurer would find useful. But that prosperity comes at a price. Knowledge of Ardashier’s wealth has spread far and wide…and there are those who would claim that wealth for themselves…

An army of stygian invaders have laid siege to the marketplace. In order to have continued access to the marketplace’s many benefits, adventurers must help the city guard drive away the attackers.

Still a work in progress, but here is a short video of the main battle. Players may play a direct part in the combat, but the attackers are quite powerful, so that will only get you so far. A number of event quests inside the marketplace allow players of all levels to participate by restocking the archers on the walls and arming reinforcements.

Server is back up, all mods updated.

Come join us and explore the new chapter with our fun, chill community.