PC Update (02.03.2019): Optimizations, Balancing, Purges, new VOIP and so much more. Thank you community!

And I also want little baubles of happiness falling out of the sky when it’s my birthday.


Awesome work! Thanks the peeps for coming in on a weekend to do the work, very much appreciated! I hope they all get bonuses.

There is a lot more than I was expecting, lots of things that were annoying me fixed. Hope the patch goes well and I can update my server tomorrow. Its 11pm now so good timing for me, go to bed, wake up and check the fallout.

Good Luck with the roll-out everyone. Hope it goes smoothly!

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I saw it mentioned twice…

Thank you, and thank you for getting this patch out.

Thanks. I was reading it on my phone so I probably just missed it.

Polearms on triple-slot weapon display racks are significantly offset. Single-slot display racks look fine.


Well, Dragonpowder only requires 50 Steelfire instead of 100 (25 with T4 Alchemist) now. But on top of the halved door HP this will be an interesting raid time today.

Awesome update! Im always impressed with the dedication of the team. Cheers!


Just waiting to get far enough away from one of the newbies (Unnamed City) to staunch the bleeding…Just got my ■■■ handed to my max-level self. Things have gotten a lot more interesting in here now.

Have noted some Admins had to try a couple of times post server updates (private) before getting in. It is working though for PC.

Again. Well done to the dev and art teams. @Tascha


That is an absolute mountain of goodness right there. By the gods I am looking foward to this update.


An excellent update. Both my servers updated perfectly and, though I needed to try twice to access the one, got in and playing perfectly.

I heard that some non-PC platforms may have issues? With the volumes of servers out there, and that they are spread over all the timezones, it is not really surprising to hear.

I expect there will be one or a few cosmetic issues (normal for any release), but the main things is that it’s working fine. we have already met one or two of the new NPCs and can tell max-level players, you are not gods… lol

Both my severs are heavily modded and no issues (so far).

Happily, as no one said there was any need to wipe servers pre-patch release, we did not. I have to say that if there had been any indication of exploits on the servers, I would have wiped them without hesitation.

I can say, at least for the players on my servers, that we are grateful that FunCom have now released the patch. We have always been a little confused why a date was set though. Saying that any patches, ONLY if they have passed complete testing, will be released on XXXday’s and that’s that. I work with IT deployments all the time: setting release dates in concrete is madness I tell you, madness! :slight_smile:

Well, this looks good - Updating our server now :slight_smile:

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This is an impressive patch, it brings countless improvements that have been needed for awhile. I cant wait to try some of the changed later, amazing job Funcom!

Given how much is in this update, I’m kind of dreading how big it will be when it goes live on consoles.

That’s a cosmetic, but thanks. My servers working fine. Modded ones too. Was a little slow initially when bases spawned in, but seems really quick now. I just want to say that the Swungle has definitely gotten more challenging…and now it’s really not safe running about at night. I am pleased FunCom do not seem to have made creatures target torch-bearers - or flying creatures - or spiders and snakes in trees…

Any Mods?

Well if one compares the effort it takes to build 10 foundations or 10 bombs, it’s fairly easy what’s easier. This way, the bombs are actually more balanced concerning raid vs building.
However, this makes offline raiding worse… I totally get that.

btw… some people start shivering over here. And others are just venting their anger because of some stuff which happened. (Nothing related to the game, yet related… complicated.)
Anyway. Seems the server I am playing on could start up, but only without mods… :joy: :sob:

Thank you very much

Hm seeing the bugfix of a first person weapon animation being fixed reminds me of another first person weapon animation bug. The first strong attack when in first person using a spear goes off to the side and not where you are aiming, in 3rd person it’s fine.

so anyoen know what couses server crashes now new npcs or dungeon again ?