PC Update 2.5 Discussion Megathread

Any idea when this patch will go live for Console players? I’m newer to the game so I am not sure what the typical time between updates for pc vs console typically take.

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No one really knows, sometimes it may be month, sometimes it may be few months.

Reopening topic; removing timer

Thank you for re-opening the thread!

Is there any information about the NPCs not being able to be staggered? Is that Working As Intended as a known problem?

Also is it possible for server admins to re-enable purges in T1-2 area. It would also be nice if server admins can configure what purges to work in each area.

While I can understand why they may want to turn off T1-2 purges on official servers, it’s always a good idea to give private servers the ability to customise levels of danger, to keep those players who want more danger, especially in PvE that can lack this type of element.

New Patch 2.5.2 is out.


Today’s patch:

  • Voidforge Bow no longer consumes glove durability and instead uses arrows normally. Damage is increased to compensate for this change (28, up from 22).

Why not make it so it won’t work on explosive, gas and special arrows instead? That was some unique weapon, it had flaws like infinite explosive arrows exploit but it could be fixed other way so it will work only with basic arrows (not special like explo) - that way item could be still unique and unexploitable.

On another note it could be wiser to just ‘fix’ it that way faster so it won’t be exploited on official pvp servers like it was already but c’mon, don’t tell me You developers could n’t release that kind of fix earlier to avoid exploiting.

No testlive update? Or just basically hotfixes right now?

yeah we lost again a very interesting feature on a weapon, i was sure it will be the result, removing totally the feature, and not tryto fix the way it can be used that was creating a problem. sad again.


What they could have done is instead of having it be useful on all gloves , they could have gone with a special type of gloves that light armor provide no stats upgrade and no armor rating but has an durability of 2100 and that it takes feathers and Siptha Energy ??? lesser → repair 500 , Energy ??? normal 1000 , and or Greater energy ??? 2100 .

So there , balance because it require you to be prepared. I swear sometime funcom dev team or Quality assurance can be quite lacking in the imaginative department on balancing. If something is strong then increase the requirement that takes to use it … Dont just out right take something out because you feel its too op. That the problem with these days.

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“Chests that require a key to open can no longer be quick-looted”.

The event “free legendaries” as end :slight_smile:


Hotfixes rarely end up on Testlive. Every so often they will whenever Funcom wants that extra time, but otherwise the majority do not. Major patches are always on Testlive and have been that way for years, doubt that’s going to change.


I just successfully free-looted one (on singleplayer) - this doesn’t seem fixed to me, but maybe someone could test on a server to see if it’s fixed there.

It is fixed on officials server. You have to update to see this on single player.

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I have updated, that’s why I was confused - but I’m running mods, so that may be interfering somewhere. I’ll have to check more thoroughly when I have the time. But so long as it’s fixed for servers, that’s where it really matters - it’s not a bug that’s having much impact in singleplayer.

No, You are not wrong, it’s still possible to loot legendary chest without keys or atleast when i have keys it does not use it. (official server)


The ‘event’ is still going I guess.

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Confirmed: You can’t open / loot(f) legendary chest without a key BUT you can loot(f) legendary chest while having 1 key IT WON’T CONSUME KEY.

Freee legendary weapon event is still going.


“IT WON’T CONSUME KEY” … this game is crazy :slight_smile:

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