PC Update 2.5 Discussion Megathread

Please use this topic to discuss PC Update 2.5.

Patchnotes: PC Update 2.5 (19.08.2021) - The QoL and Bugfixing update! Server Transfers!
Blog announcement: Update 2.5 – Character transfer, sheathed weapons, weapon improvements and new small animal pens! - Conan Exiles

Character transfer webpage: Character Transfer - Conan Exiles


Lots of work went into this. Downloading it now. Looks good. I hope it is.

Thank You!!!

A lot of people were excited about the new smaller animal pens on my server, but it doesn’t look like its going to really save any space. The problem IMO is that people who want to have, say 40 animals need to use a ridiculous amount of space to do so (and then login once a month). These new pens could end up stacking easier maybe? but 4 of them looks like they are going to take up just as much space as the large pens.

Excited to see some of these other improvements/fixes! I feel like with the balance buff, my Maelstrom Hammer is gonna be worth getting off my horse to use.

Sooo as always i amd doing critique

  1. mplemented new NPC enemy. This is for now only available in the admin panel as it is still a Work in Progress. ( i hope its that mumy of ring finally )
  2. funny was reading and “” U stilll reading - fine lets continue"" ( BEST :smiley: )
  3. maybe i skipped something but why there is not mentioned about fixing that damn grass around my location and stones instant being destroyed while hitting - i hope its hidden update!
  4. yay wartooorn
    Actually this aint critique, finally update that kinda fixed every now u guys can start do new updates with new stuff like i hope boats where u can swim in them and adding potion of bestial memory feat to Jebal sag surge <3

Best update so far ! no critique but yes, bugfixes a lot - only i hope after reading that base building thing , when i download 40 GB and enter server, my house and castle will still be there… without decaying! or stability loss

" When transferring your character to another server you will keep the following:
All equipped items, all items in the character’s backpack (main inventory) and all items in the Hotbar"



Playing on Official PVE server #1748 the Dogs of the Desert at the Den were acting funky after both the update and a server reset. Most of them would not draw their weapons when attacking.

"When transferring your character to another server you will lose the following:

  • All buildings/placeables that belonged to the character will be abandoned and decay
  • The association with all thralls that belonged to the character"

So if a tribe has 2 member and 1 transfers to siptah for example, that tribe looses everything that one person has build and all thralls he placed? Or am i getting that wrong?

:smiley: found anyway some misleading bug or forgoten thing that still aint changed, even i reported it when sipath aired in early acces when then some said me its early access and things like this will be changed

  • Why on rhinos mounts at HP bar it shows rhino as horse?

Impossible to launch the 1.4.5 dedicated server launcher from my side, on Windows server, since the 2.5 update. My two servers are down.

As usual, I’ll wait for the 2.5.1, then 2.5.2, then 2.5.3… patches before I get upset…


Same thing for the Follower of Jhebbal Sag Fighters inside the midnight grove. Game was on very easy mode with the punching NPC’s and the upgraded weapons.

No, when transferring your character you lose membership in the clan you were in, but the clan keeps everything built …
If you had no clan, then yes, everything you had built (alone, without clan ownership) will be in a state of decay.

Weird, I don’t see this download today in Steam.

These will fit inside a small base, and still allow it to look visually pleasing. Solo players, casual players, and players building the nicest looking bases on a server are going to appreciate this very much. You can place these in 4 corners of a base, stack them alongside a staircase and still have plenty of room.

To be honest, unless you are using the animal pens to “farm” (most players don’t) these will work just fine, and even then they might still work just fine! My old server had two bases with galactic scale towers filled with dung and suffering animals.

Everyone else had a single, or a couple animal pens. It’s enough to grow the occasional cub into an adult, or use it to pad that one resource you seem to have trouble finding.

I am happy with it though.

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But remember, you cannot be overencumbered on officials. So have to be smart on what you take weight wise. I like that.

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Private server relaunched after 2.5 update, game up-to-date (no corrupted files), and I see this error message.

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Any mods? Mods typically break with a huge patch that changes the game a bit.


From my side : just Pippi and Age of Calamitous

So… nothing is happening when I hit PLAY…

Waiting whilst this mego-load loads. The release notes promise oodles of fun stuff so looking forward to seeing all in practice. Very happy to see the user-inputs/feedback/ideas on Server Transfer incorporated here and there - if all works, the fear of pvp sweeps and abuse across official servers should be hampered.

A giant Thanks to the Devs and Funcom denizens for getting this out. A gianter thanks to the Test-live community for their ‘does this dog bite?’ experimentations and testing. Lastly, a giantest Thanks to the Modders for work that (a) inspires FC, and (b) keeps the mods going!