PC Update 2.5 Discussion Megathread

Yeah, but that’s only one transfer, and doesn’t account for the stats on bugged/duped gear. I tested in singleplayer and was able to fill my entire inventory with dragonpowder and was still only at 86% encumbrance… so, 20,000 dragonpowder per transfer, and now you can’t even be sure it was farmed legitimately or if they farmed it with exploits/pulled it from a duped bodyvault. Not to mention the power difference between someone with siptah gear/sigils transfering over to exiled lands.


Is it really 37 Gigs?! If so, I guess I’ll tell my clanmates I’ll be back online in a week.


I had two, one at 37 gb and one at 547 mb or something along that line.


I seem to remember the update back when the game moved from early-access to 1.0 it was around 45GB and the Siptah around 47GB - I stand to be corrected of course :slight_smile:
Add in the time for mods on modded servers and it means I can have the first bath in months, eat non-takeout, and possibly pop outside for a ‘walk’.


I’m pumped for this! This game made some great changes through the years! I hoped you fixed the blinding white sandstorm though, and crummy sun in the jungle. That would be pretty dang cool lol!

Little issue as builder, I am making steel reinforcements for build, queue still going but what was ready I pull out and queue continues with materials there, but the queue clears after pulling out the already made objects! So you have to restart the crafting or wait untill fully done now, I do hope this is a missed bug in update, rest looks amazing so far for me, thank you Devs for that.

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So, after doing this fix :

  • Removed unused dye slots in the Silent Legion Medium Helmet.

Did the Cimmerian Slaver Armour (Regular and Epic) get the leg armour colour slots fixed?

When applying dye to those, the preview displays a completely different part of the armour being coloured than what appears on your character. The same happens to the chest armour in the female slaver outfit too.

e.g. apply white dye to the cloth skirt bits of the leg armour in the preview, and the belt turns white on the character while the cloth bits stay red.

Don’t get wrong, I don’t think any backpack inventory should go over on PVP servers. Just atrs, feats, hotbar, and armor you wear. But, this entire transfer idea just lends more evidence on how much raid pvp officials are just forgotten in general.


The endless struggle my man. The ideal situation would have had no item transfer for pvp but still leave item transfer for pve, that way everyone wins. In a perfect world, anyways.


Age of Calamitous has not updated so you will most likely keep getting this error until it is updated. It may take a while as the devs have day jobs and the update was extensive so there is a chance it may not be updated for a few days. If you would like more information I would join there discord for more updates. There should be a link to their discord in the steam workshop. I am also on a AOC server and waiting on the update. Hope this helps.


37 gb? how much space this game will require?

Good work guys on fixing and updating the game! ( hope you keep in mind to not break modders efforts awell, btw :smiley: )
and i love the spontaneous pieces of humor in the patchnotes …hhahah! Keep it up homies!
Good luck!

İ have a bug please help me…
After the update, the blacksmith and furnace stops working.
They stops without my order.???

Thanks for fixing the previous sandstorm bug :slight_smile:

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I’m still getting this same error message even after the CHANGE ACCOUNT work around.

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PLEASE! Disable ITEM transfer on PVP servers or atleast limit it to 20 slots! It will be abused to the ground and it will completely kill pvp gameplay. Meta will be farming on dead servers and transfering to populated, people won’t farm and compete on normal servers, it will be GHOST TOWN!

Server transfer should not work like that! It suspossed to be EXILED+SIPTAH 2 servers ‘merged’ so we can have one character on 2 maps instead of this abusable server transfer!


Read through the release notes, here are my highlights:

  1. Directional arrow when building - awesome
  2. Small animal pens - Well done - any plans for them to come in T2/# like larger animal pens?
  3. Climbing fix - I think this is still a bit rough, at least it was for me
  4. Sheathed weapons - excellent, at a glance review of thrall weapons
  5. Purge updates - Here’s hoping

I have a question about the character transfer. I’ve searched, but I can’t find any info, so I thought I would ask the @Community for clarification.

The character transfer information post says:

How can I delete a character I already have on a server? I don’t want to transfer it, I don’t want to create a new one, I want to delete it. The option to re-create the character will take me to character creation screen, but if I back out of that, the server browser still shows that I have a character there.


Just recreate character, once you are on creation menu (of character) leave server - you don’t have character on this server, it’s only some data stored on your computer but i can’t remember where it was.
Maybe deleting that record should solve problem


My understanding is if you go to recreate the character and then back out before completing the process, your character should be deleted - despite what the server browser may tell you.

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