Many players look forward to the most important update is the server transfer! Not something else

To the game in the hot, the server transmission function must have!

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I doubt that this is true

what we know so far about the first version of the server transfer will be relatively irrelevant for many players. if the whole thing then goes in the direction of ark clustering then we can talk again about the relevance of the feature. a pure server transfer including the complete loss of your own base on the source server is completely uninteresting for many players and/or private server communities.


I really don’t care about the transfer at all… a fresh starts adds up to play hours.
What if you transfer a lvl 60 character and run down the map in less than a week…

Wish they worked on other things like cosmetics, more dungeon puzzles/traps or a snow biome rather than adding this complexity.


Based on the information provided about the server transfer so far, I have little to no interest in this feature. All my servers will also have it disabled. Now, if Funcom finds a way to implement support for modded server clusters, then this could be something to look forward to.


It almost seems like a waste of time and resources for what it offers (as of now). Not sure how many people will use it just to save the short amount of time to level up to 60 on official servers and I can’t see many private servers using this over the AST.


A new beginning, a new world. We don’t have to start over. Isn’t that Nice?

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How is it a new beginning if you don’t have to start over? :woman_shrugging:


I do like the possibilities of transfers, it effectively makes the world bigger, and opens up a larger possibility for new maps. So for us (pve) is a most welcome addition to the game

new land, is always a restart, if you don’t know the new map or have anything but you and your backpack. it looks like a restart. Like moving to another country :slight_smile:

This change means alpha clans could move to another server instead of dominating noobs.

There is reason for it.

I think the initial set up was you technically weren’t transferring but leaving. Now it may change before release, but the jistvwas fill your 8nvemtory and hot bar what what you need to build a new, then when you left, you left the clan. Solos would lose thier stuff. So right now as advertised, transferring can only be some by clans of 3 or more.

Player 1 stays on server. All other clan mates can leave to new server or map. then Then 1 of the 2 or more who left to new map/server would have to clan up. Then 9nce farming is done, 1 of those players would have to stay to keep the clans bases on the new map. The rest (1-8 players) then technically can hop between the maps.

This 2 or less player clans/solo can’t really transfer, as they would lose 1 or both server mains as they go back and forth.

I have reasons to want the server transfer, but not if it’s implemented the way they’ve described it so far. If I can’t travel to Siptah without abandoning everything I’ve built in Exiled Lands (and vice versa), then it’s of no interest to me, with or without inventory transfer.

My main interest in the server transfer is being able to play on Siptah without having to be subjected to the slot machine mechanics just to get Exiled Lands recipes. Being able to transfer my inventory would be a nice plus, but I can live without it.

But, to be brutally honest, if I had to choose between server transfer and new gameplay features, I wouldn’t think twice about saying “screw server transfer” :smiley:


Server transfer imo is a great idea, Rp players get a chance to continue their characters story. My only real concern is i believe the transfer order they chose is backwards. 80% of the alpha clan trolls come from pvp servers. So instead of pvp to any, pvec to pvec/pve, and pve to pve servers. It should be pvec to any, pve to pve/pvec, and pvp to pvp servers. This would prevent trolls from ruinig servers and force them to only deal with those who know how to properly defend against them.

With the transfer order i propose players who are inexperianced with PvP could gradually increase their server type as their PvP skills improve.

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So I and others that I play with were really looking forward to the transfer option but if we end up having to abandon everything on our existing server then that really ruins it (dumb idea)…

One of the benefits of the transfer that I was looking forward to is that time and again, I will join a busy server, level up, build my base, invest a large amount of hours, and then for a variety of reasons the server dies and turns into a ghost town (at least temporarily). Would be nice to transfer to a busy server when wanting something more than a “single player” experience but at the same time not losing everything that I built on the original server. Also often those “dead” servers will sometimes repopulate so would be nice to be able to return to my existing base when that happens.

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I read here somewhere that server transfers would be a one-way mechanic. Servers would be delineated and classed to which way it goes. For example, if you start on official then you have a one-way ticket to a private server. I saw another path: pvp → pve-c → pve.

They really ought to look at Amunets server transfer and make it work EXACTLY like that.

they already said in a devstream they were looking into it so solo players does not loose their stuff. So it’s been looked.


Cool…I know it is still being tweaked.

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Server transfer, to me, should not be possible, but to be fair it doesn’t affect me anyways.
I don’t care about it, however it’s done.

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Random player here - I personally will not be using a server transfer for any reason whatsoever. I have a home with thousands of hours invested. I consider the least important feature for the game and would rather have bug fixes.