Feedback about transfers as avoidance of repercussions

I have been playing from Jan 2017 in EA

With the ability players now have to transfer onto a server, raid then transfer out.
It really puts a damper on the fun of those of us who choose to pick a server and defend.

A few days ago I and others on the server were raided by a server hopper clan.
Now from me they got next to nothing, just a few items I had forgotten to put away.

They did kill all my guards and did quite a bit of damage, but didn’t really hurt me.
My good friend @Barnes reported much the same, damage but took nothing.

Here in lies the issue, after extensive search efforts we have concluded they either are below the mesh somewhere, or have left the server.

The entire point of the game to me is now lost, because we are left without reprisal, we can’t reciprocate if they can leave the server.

Methods to defend against these off line raids are negligible. And the game begins to feel futile
If we can be raided by people who are not even still on the server when we return.

I have taken breaks from the game, but I always knew I would be back.
Things have changed, if the next time I’m raided and the raiders are a bit more experienced, I could lose everything without the ability to get my things back or even face my foe.

I don’t know if I could forgive this, and my interest may not hold past such an event.


I think this can be easily fixed by adding some rules to transfering out of a server.

Currently you can transfer out of a server after cool down period. I suggest revising this to you initiate transfer and then you must wait a period of time depending on what you have on you while transfering.

  1. If you are completely empty, you may transfer immediately.
  2. If you have nothing in your personal inventory spaces (but have armor and hot keys) then you have a 3 day delay in your transfer
    3 If you do have items in your personal inventory then you have a 7 day delay in your transfer.

This would give time for those affected by these type of server hopping raiders a chance to avenge and maybe even get some stuff back.


El problema esque los servidores son de 40 personas, me parece estupendo la transferencia de servidores ya que cuando raideas tu servidor, tienes que esperar que se vuelva a llenar(meses) y se acabó el juego.

Which is fine from the raider’s perspective, but from a defender’s perspective, it removes the chance for revenge. It becomes less about fighting and defending your stuff, and more about just not having anything for them to take, which defeats the purpose of the game.

I’m in the same boat as the OP, though from the opposite side of the coin. My clan was being wiped (unfairly, but it is what it is) and while they were attacking the noobs in the clan (Really? Dropping a Yog on a sandstone shack?) they had wasted enough time for me to gather up all of our belongings and transfer out. The raiders got nothing from us, and we migrated to a new server. I was thankful for the transfers allowing for items to be kept, but…

It shouldn’t be a thing. When you transfer, you should show up naked on the server as though you were just pulled off the cross. Take only memories, leave only footprints.


I kinda think the Olyphant* in the room is the fact that you can
A. Transfer In with ill-gotten gains plus blam cans
B. Tactically attack one base to the next while Alpha and everyone else are off playin’ Tiddlywinks
C. Quit right at the end of Raid
D. Disappear – according to Event Logs and Battle Metrics
E. Wait for the 3-day cooldown and Transfer Out

* By which I mean it “acts” like a game mechanic


Now you see that poor planning. Jump in in off hours. Scout for 3 days and level the thralls on your team in off hours and then go on the offensive for 1 night and then transfer. You don’t even need a base…have 4 person crew…one encumbrance that carried the booms and 3 fighters. After looting rebuild every one to encumbrance and through the star gate you go

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I was trying to be hopeful. In reality they scouted ahead of time and waited past the cooldown window for when we were sleeping. I would imagine they might have teleported away from my property after attacking it. It looks on BM as if another player joined right after midnight, so this may have been (for them) a pressor.

What’s also sad is they tried to blame this thing on someone else. They clan was named China Player, and one of them had an exceedingly silly name in Chinese Characters. I think people must think US PvP players are dumb and non-worldly.

I would add a 4…
For pvp if your clan destroyed or unfriendly looted anything (logs keep that info for 21 days) you have to wait the 21 days…basically your entire clan if is in logs you are stuck on server. Also, cant leave a clan for that many days to avoid exploiting/tricking system.


You guys and your wish lists, lol.
While I agree server transfers Fubared PVP, among other things, I also do not think FC is capable of doing any of the things on your wish lists.

A - They still have issues with just migrating players to servers thru transfers.
B - Even though there was MASSIVE feedback from almost every PVPer on the forums that this exact
thing would happen, FC bumbled along and allowed full inventory transfers to/from PVP servers

So while @biggcane55 suggestion is probably the best answer, they should just make anyone who transfers to ANY server have a cooldown of at least three weeks before transferring again. Because face it, they will not get any other option right.


Welcome to the dark side of trusting FC :wink:


The problematic use of dragon powder through server transfer is only the symptome of a system that is broken to the core. The whole transfer with iventory items is something that should have never been introduced. At least not on pvp. Together with bodyvaulting you are untouchable. You can literally empty out every server without ever getting admin wiped for it if done right. Every half decent experienced pvp player can do this.

Even if people wouldn´t be able to transfer with dragon powder they could bring everything they need to produce it within an hour or two. They just have to transfer with all prepared materials, slaves and workbenches in their inventory or have some friends that are already established on the server or a bodyvaulter or an alt. Build up a little shack, start cooking and your ready to go. This can be done in a minimum timeframe. Before people are able to recognize that you are there. After the raid you shovel everything to another character outside of the raid clan, transfer or bodyvault until you wanna raid again. Admin wipes are useless, because all items are already stored away. After a time you might need to buy a new account but keys are cheap, you will get them for under 5 dollars if you know where to buy.

Edit: one solution on this would be: Stop server transfers on pvp. Make invisible bodyvaulting impossible. Reduce clan size to 5. Introduce a new leveling system, one that isn´t focused on exp. but certain progressions over time so players aren´t be able to be level 60 in an hour or two. Introduce a new building system that unlocks building pieces with progression over time (same as character leveling).

Pvp needs an decelerating process. The easy hop on a server and be ready to overrun the whole server by raiding it into oblivion in a day or two needs to stop. A survival game should offer serious survivial aspects so the focus of the game shifts towards managing a harsh environment. Raiding should be part of the game but not the main focus.


Here’s my question, are people transferring with stolen items, or just dumping them on the ground?

In my experience being a raider in a PVP conflict, the only thing we wanted were specifically dyed armors to take as trophies. I didn’t want a few dozen stacks of stone, iron, or wood. Even the legendaries weren’t much I wanted expect maybe a few extra axes of the lion or whatnot.

As far as not transferring with dragon powder, what’s stopping an encumbrance build from bringing the mats with them? Or even just some of them and collecting what you need. Even if they disallowed transfers, its not really tough to get to 35 and troll bomb people (which used to happen prior to transfers).

I think the real fix is turning DBD on. So if people transfer with a bunch of bombs, you have a chance to take them from them.


I don’t exactly have a horse in this race, but may I suggest as a solution that when people transfer, they wind up in the same state as when they created their character? In the middle of a desert, naked, half starved and dying of thirst without even a pebble in their inventory. You can keep the level and feat points though.

That would pretty much kill server hopping raids right then and there, but you’d still have the option of changing servers if the one you’re on isn’t working for you.

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Yeah, they actively and knowingly changed the game. It’s pretty much an impossibility for this to be “unintended consequences”. {hey, we’ll set up server transfers, facilitate and promote offline raiding, and no one will server hop - ever!} Uh-huh… {besides, what’s the difference between getting off-lined by someone on the server and someone passing through? No one will care! Let’s do it…}

Don’t expect anything to change though. There’s a whole bunch of people pointing out a whole bunch of problems for legit players over the past year and a half and FC’s response: {Let’s implement thrall emotions… they’ll love it!!!}

Oh well there’s still hope… There’s always hope…

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It has been a cowards game way before server transfers. My last PVP experience, I log in catch two people off-line raiding me and go after them, they run and disappear. I hang around for maybe an hour, make repairs, they do not return. I log out, log in an hour later, and there they are in my base again. Rinse, repeat.

I empty out all of my chests, let the items decay, and quit PVP. It stopped being player vs player a long time ago and became player vs off line base.

I am sure there are exceptions, but even on PVE-C everyone runs away. Now we cannot even have arena’s to fight in, as it may lag the poor GPortal servers and they are just “decoration” to the CS base killers anyway.


This is one of the cases where a different treatment for pvp and pve would be indicated. In PVP transfers are used for raiding, in pve as supply lines

It really wouldn’t though. If they keep the feats and levels, then they transfer over naked and farm up the materials and bomb and then leave. If you get rid of transferring, they roll new characters, get to 35, and them bomb and then leave. This is how it happened before the transfers were a thing.

The issue is being able to bomb with impunity. Not with the transferring process itself.


Personally, and this is coming from a migratory locust, I think an increasing cooldown for transfer isn’t out of line.
First transfer? 3 day cool down.
Second transfer? 2 week cool down.
Subsequent transfers? 1 month cooldown.


Reading this brought tears to my eyes, as I felt the same way. The pandemic, family tragedies, being furloughed from a job I loved because of Covid.
All of the craziness and sadness of the last few years was soothed by logging in and playing a game I loved and admired.

Sadly, I think it is the end of a great experience for me, and all hope is lost.


I am playing this way and if you banned dragon powder it really wouldn’t matter to me sadly, 100 bombs is quick work with a few tools and enough clan mates, this is what would change:

day 1: transfer with tools and hidden base, produce 300 dp
day 2: Raid
Day 3: transfer back

Increasing the window size of transfers may help a bit! but it wouldn’t alter my playstyle even if it was on 2 week transfer, it would just be 2 weeks of raiding, 2 weeks at home base (then I could alternate with my alt even so he could go straight raiding afterwards) the major contributing factor to this is you can’t really avenge, you can only ever get your stuff back, you cant hit my home server unless you know where it is, and good luck working that out.

The transfers have been a really bad idea, even allowing me to transfer naked every 2 weeks this playstyle would be an advantage over “regular” play.