Feedback about transfers as avoidance of repercussions

This is the problem.
When I was coward raided in the past, I always new they would pay.
Now it’s futile to even think you’re anything but a loot piñata for cowards.

pve is dull, pvp is nothing of the kind anymore.

Where is the challenge in fighting semi-mindless npc’s and empty buildings?

This has turned into an existential crises for me, in that I haven’t found the motivation to play.


Yeah but the old way was still “better” for how it was, server they started at zero, and post cleanse would body vault… I have to keep a list of my bodyvaults on servers XD.

you could kind of endure these groups, even beat them if you were playing normally and playing smart the only advantage they tended to have was ruthless zerging in numbers.

the difference there was it took days of buildup for a new group of purgers, and you could rally and fight them, now I have seen a clan wiped out by someone within 15 minutes of joining a server with a god token, it wasn’t great before, but now its abysmal.

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Of course server morale is low. Players are staying away both due to the botched merge and the raids. The new guys are gone, reaching their decay any day now.

I tell the intel and daily news to Captain last night. He says “they are trying to kill the game.” This all applies to Dro as he’s on the same server. That’s the consensus now after a raw survey.

A couple personal things and I’m out. I’m a good-looking guy. Personable. You want me at your party. When I’m there, I’ll be so many things: I’ll drink all your booze, entertain your animal friends, program your electronics and be fun with the guests. I might even be The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave. One place I’ll never be is somewhere I’m not wanted. I am very close to that feeling, as an Official PvP Player since Early Access.


I’ll always want you around, it just might not be in CE

It’s working, and server transfers and X-ray specs (show health bars) is helping.

I’ve played a very long time, I preordered and DLed EA the day it was available.
One of the early methods I would employ is hide, this isn’t possible now.

My first instinct after this fell out, was to go back to using a hard to find base.
That idea fell along with my morale when I ran some tests to find it’s not possible.


So what are the proposed fixes?

I like the idea of transferring naked. Sure, it cuts out the leveling process and re-discovering the recipes and whatnot, but having to craft everything and get the thralls and whatnot still takes time.

I don’t know if anyone has suggested anything to deal with body vaults. And honestly, I don’t know if there’s anything we can do about body vaults. Any ideas?

Funcom has already stated that they admit that the x-ray vision is a huge mistake on their part… but have they said anything about getting rid of it? If so, I haven’t seen it. Maybe someone else has, though, so let us know what you found

If you don’t mind a PVE player speaking up, there’s a simple fix: get rid of the transfers altogether.

I don’t know if PVP players ever actually asked for the transfers, but I know that the PVE community – myself included – kept asking for a way to travel freely between Exiled Lands and Siptah.

The server transfer ain’t it. It’s not what we asked for at all. Unless you’re in a clan, you lose everything. Even if you’re in a clan, the process is risky due to bugs and the cooldown sucks because it forces at least one clan member to stay behind.

So if PVP is being ruined by something that Funcom implemented for PVE players, and it isn’t even what PVE players asked, what good does it really add to the game?


I don’t think that will solve anything because as @Taemien pointed out. We had server wiping before transfers. People aren’t doing this to get loot, they are doing it because they want to watch the world burn. We can actually point to the transfers but really I don’t see how this is any different than a clan coming in just to wipe the server and if they run into sufficient resistence, the popcorn the stuff they got and off they go to a new server. Same effect except we don’t have a systemic thing to point to as the fault…but the root cause is the same. There are jerks out there who need to make themselves feel better by purposely making others feel worse.

Well, the Locusts (as my clan has started calling them) have had a much easier time wiping servers since the transfers. Pop in with an inventory of dragonpowder, blow up a base they scouted with an alt/different clan member, take anything they want out of the remains, vanish.

At least in the days before server transfers they had to grind to 60 and then grind out dragonpowder beforehand, giving players on the server a chance to respond. And this is, of course, without the current bug with God tokens.

Plus now there’s real incentive to be a Locust since you can keep any of the really good loot and port it back home.


Siptah as a new map was a mistake in my opinion, it should have been a load screen, a boat you get on etc.

As a new map and DLC a one way ticket then, you get Siptah a boat appears, get on the boat and you don’t come back.

A two way trip to a new map should be open to everyone regardless of owning the DLC

Just my opinion.


Not technically feasible :man_shrugging:

We can keep beating the dead horse when it comes to that topic, but it won’t make it get up and gallop :wink:

The only way that they could implement server transfers on PVP servers in the way they have is that:

  • They do not think offline raiding meta is bad.


  • They are oblivious to the fact that offline raiding is the meta.

Both of those are disappointing.


Imagine a hyper effective purge that targets your most important assets, has no warning system like the purge meter, and only happens when you are offline. Also, if you build to counter this purge you run the risk of admins destroying all of your things and banning you from the server you are playing on….

This is Conan Exiles PVP.

Removing the ability to transfer items across servers would be a good place to start.


It saves about 3 days of time and the effect is the same…you loose your stuff and it’s gone. It was locust clans that made me realize that it wasn’t the mats or the builds that mattered but the work to get those things that mattered which is why my perspective is a bit different.

Which I can respect. My main point was that the current state of transfers actively incentivizes Locust play since there are no repercussions to it. You pop in, ruin someone’s day, take their best stuff with you when you leave and store it in your (presumably quiet) home server.

yeah but I gott admit. It is soo nice to be able to pack stuff up and just move. It’s been a godsend for this trimming server project as I am very much surprised at how much I am salvaging through normal transfers.

Oh yeah. No argument here. Being able to pack up and leave saved my bacon twice in the last few weeks.

They could go back to letting us see who is on the server via battlemetrics.
We used to be able to follow players with battle metrics and see to what server they moved.

It would eliminate the ability to jump away without repercussion.
which is the entire transfer problem, I’m talking about.

I know it was being abused and doxing people was happening.
But this unknown players method is also being abused.

Maybe if we could only see the FC ID and server, but not any other information.

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I like the idea that any new player entering into the server getting announced. Maybe a list of players that logged into the server in the past 24 hours and their level. Therefore it near impossible to sneak onto a server to build or scout during the slow hours.


This is off topic, but It’s my topic
In as much as Barnsie described himself, I’ll reciprocate.

Here is some personal things about me, I’m taller, heavier, and uglier than average.
Grumpy is a better descriptor for me than personable. I used to try and be funny, and people laughed.
But I wonder if they found me humorous, or were afraid of me.
People came to me to fix their computers, and to help them move heavy objects.
But not much else.

I’m trying to lighten the mood, but I’ve fallen into morose. Story of my life.


Could even be something similar to the “Message of the Day” thing. Like

“Scouts report new exiles in the lands!”
with a list of the players who were on recently or something.


You made me smile Zebra girl
Thank you for that. :slight_smile: