People transferring with Inventories full of bombs ect

I recently picked up Conan and have been having fun. I have play on pvp official because I do want the pvp aspect, and building destruction.

But recently I have been targeted a few times by a server hopper. After his first failed raid he told me his gear was just scraps and he transfers servers every week. That’s just a alt account. Flash forward a couple days and I log on to find he brought fellow server hoppers loaded to the teeth with explosives and gas arrows. How can people just load up on another server to bring inventories full of bombs and sets. Is this is supposed to be a way to get me to rent my own server, so random people can’t join a server with the only intention of raiding me and leaving as soon as their timer lets them.


Welcome to the Forum. I have not paid much attention to the server transfer but there is supposed to be a cool down period between server hops. @stelagel could you please point OP towards the information he needs.

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3 days is the cooldown. Within those 3 days, u can as a team of lets say 5-10 people, jump to an empty server where no one plays, build a simple base, and have the whole map to farm for 3 days or as long u want, then transfer your loot to a new server with all that loot.


Thanks for the information. Didn’t realize it was such a short period of time.

On xbox you can server transfer infinitely by loading a guest account, load it up, transfer, load up guest 2, repeat as many times as you like.

I sincerely doubt this is the case, FunCom doesn’t rent servers.
They have an agreement with G-portal to advertise their service in exchange for discounted rental on the official servers.

There is nothing stopping anyone from renting a server elsewhere.
So trying to force private server rental is unlikely.

I also think something should be done to better limit server transfers with inventory’s full of bombs


Server rental for Playstation at least is Gportal only.

To be honest…even without the server transfers, zerging( the act of interserver clans moving server to server wiping them clean like locusts) was going on for years. the transfers only speed things up 3-7 days because these guys excel at ramp ups and then using the loot from raids to continue the next raid. The only way to win is either hibernate, popcorn (just drop your inventory and let it decay), or find some way to not gain loot from raiding (fake bases etc). They aren’t long term farmers so if they cannot replenish their resources from raiding, they get bored easily and move on. The most I have seen them on one server is about a month.


I must agree that this is a problem. Its not really fair play.
Lets say 1 player have been playing on a official server for over a week, made a good base.
Then One day, a 10 man clan transfer to a server and destroy the 1 player base within 1 day, because they got inventorys full of bombs and raiding items.
I dont think that is okay.
They need to start over too IMO.

Being able to transfer ur level 60 character with all the recipes/exploration/obelisks you have learned is nice.
Items is not…

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I stand corrected, I don’t play on console.
But as FunCom and G-portal are two separate entities
I still doubt forcing server rental on one platform but not all, is unlikely.

On PC you can actually set up a dedicated server for free.
It can run on the same PC as the game if you have enough of a system to do so.
Or if you have an extra older PC on your LAN as I do, you can run it on that.

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Worst part was I was on a very low populated server thinking it would be more peaceful and less clans to worry about…. Just to have a whole clan transfer. Perhaps it’s something I’ll get used to, if this isn’t a new thing.

I saw someone mention adding when people transfer and the server they are coming from in event log to whole server. That was at least you know what server they farm on and doesn’t let them hide.

Its not the norm for them to go into a dead server becuase they love the fight…it was probably that you repelled the one attack that they thought it was exciting. The other thing is that they may have needed a dead server. Although current server consolidations that FC is doing may make it all moot .

I agree with you Funcom would not do anything to force players to go private. I will say over the past few weeks I see more pve-c private servers popping up have not checked pvp or pvp.

Didn’t mean to sound cross I ran out of break time.


I think you are a bit confused here from the manice this game has in the pvp version.
You can travel full encumbrance 99%, not over encumbered.
You can transfer the knowledge and eldarium so you fix the armor sets.
They just brought knowledge, eldarium and some weapons, the rest are fixed in exile lands.
Now in the question how(?) the answer is simple.
Body vault in alternative account.
Some experienced players know how to log out and their unconscious body stays hidden in the mace. So when they find their victim in a server they all gather up, take everything they need from the body vault and surprise the victim with a relentless attack.
They didn’t cheat the way you think , they just used the mechanics of the game, but for me this is cheating too .

I never actually enjoyed the bullying pvp officials have. If you know the game and you want to enjoy pvp go private. There are a lot of decent pvp servers, with discord, events and really good fellows to play. Even if admins participate on pvp, do not have thoughts about admin abuse. The most important is that even if you loose at least you will enjoy fair fights, because if something different happens the admins will make sure that your loss will be recovered and more.
Trust me, go private and you will make friends too, that’s a promise.


Thanks my friend.

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Greetings, as the companions comment, you can only pass with a maximum of 99% load. and as they comment, the dynamic is to leave a Doraimon with everything necessary, the dynamic now is not to make a base and be broken, it is to jump to a server and hide, have an arsenal and break those who play by making little houses, which is what that FC wants little houses that break with 10 bombs because if there is a complicated base and difficult to break they erase the base and you get banned

Ya like I been saying for months now it just a waste of time, too stressful, too toxic and u just cant survive on PVP. Best thing to do is switch to PVE-C however lots of PVP players are doing that and just killing everyone they can so its getting pretty bad too. My advice is start your own server.


Of course it’s the new way of playing, make a trunk body and go with another character full of things, they don’t build a base, they just settle in a small camp to equip themselves and then disassemble it, and hide, they just play that. So I have an enemy clan that only comes in to break things and hide, I don’t really know how many are real, the only thing we can do is look at the list of players and, accumulating, we see a new one at level 60, we go for him, we go out to track down in all areas, sometimes we find it, as other times it escapes us. sometimes we kill some that don’t come with that intention, they come escaping from another server and meet our swords. They pay just for sinners. I’m sorry for that, but it’s the way to prevent these jumpers from going from server to server breaking those who settle on the servers to play for hours.

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Killing a noobie in the desert is one thing, killing a veteran that took the risk to change map is another. It is the correct thing to do, maybe this action will make the “jumpers” to think twice. So, if it’s not a new player it’s alright for me too, you do correct :+1:t6: