PC Update 2.5 Discussion Megathread

Can someone atleast THINK about DISABLING item transfer or atleast limit it to 20 slots on PVP servers? It’s possible to transfer 20000 dragon powder at once which is insane, no to mention people on dead servers stashed a lot of exploited stuff and people will farm only on dead servers now, it will kill pvp gameplay… Please reconsider that, it’s abusable on so many levels and it WILL be abused as anything was before…

EDIT: Already now people started to farm on empty servers, almost half of official pvp servers are 1/40 and that will get even worse.


If it stays like that (server transfer on pvp servers) im really not coming back anymore, that’s just insane, how they could not see it’s gonna hurt game?

Servers need to be wiped.

There is too much servers with too big bases with players that play only fews minutes every week to refresh.

So servers transfers is a way to fix this :slight_smile:


wipe will kill what remained on officials from pve communitty
90% of what remained will migrate to privates probably if they get wiped (or leave game)

I mean, there’s always the possibility that all of the concerned voices are being too pessimistic and overestimating the future outcomes.

I’m not saying this to be a contrarian, but honestly, what I keep reading about PVP on these forums is that:

  • Cheating is still rampant, which killed the PVP and people are leaving the game and official servers are dead.
  • Combat is still unbalanced, which killed the PVP and people are leaving the game and official servers are dead.
  • Offline raiding is still the prevalent form of raiding, which killed the PVP and people are leaving the game and official servers are dead.

So how is this going to make things that much worse? I assume that the private server admins will place heavy restrictions on this, and official servers are supposed to have bigger problems.

I’m genuinely curios why you guys think farming on another server will make the situation so much worse. That said, maybe you could create a thread for that so we don’t derail this one?

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Thanks, I’ll try that. Maybe the server browser is buggy.

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There’s always variety in opinions.
I think cheating is problem but it got better since last year when i played back then.
Combat is unbalanced but it’s going in right direction.
Offline raiding is just choice of lazy players looking for easy loot and too long raid window.

It is going to make things a lot worse.
People will ABUSE it to the ground, there’s so much room for abuse and it will get abused, if people can abuse something to win they will do it. Another concern is that servers will become ghost town - why people should risk farm on populated server when they can farm on empty servers? They already started that. Its so wrong on so many levels. On pve-pvc it’s fine but on pvp servers when gathering resources, farming should be tied together with pvp - it’s just breaking whole point.

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So troll raid clans can search servers before they even transfer. Nice.
Go to server create character run map see what’s on server. Recreate character and leave. Return with 20000 dragon powder and wipe clans while they are offline. Great PVP raid mechanic.


Or maybe it’s so that the rest of us on PVE(-C) can check out whether we like the server before we decide to migrate.

You already made it clear you dislike the transfer with items. We all get it. There’s no need to dogpile the dude who was helping out with a question that has nothing to do with the inventory. Sheesh.



Punish players who have been on servers for years.

I could not disagree more.


Well you would just perk into 50 encumbrance prior to transferring. Some of your stacks would be chests and building pieces. And you might even keep a horse and saddle for riding/carry capacity.

So, a single player can transfer about 650 dragon powder and the tar for it with encumberance of 5. That puts them around 99% encumb with light armor and several weapons fit. Happy raiding!

Also, doesn’t look like they have fixed the exploit where you can type stuff in general that will freeze everyones game for 15 seconds or more unless they have you muted. So, still not worth playing on public servers.

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Last time I checked, the 5th encumbrance perk didn’t remove the overencumbered state, it only let you move at normal speed while overencumbered.

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Thanks for the update,

In reference to the purges.

  • Purges are no longer spawning in the Southern region of the noob river. Giving them a chance, you know?

Could you give coordinates where the purge will not occur now? I have a base right in the middle of noob river and we were enjoying the purges there so we haven’t moved north yet.


Why did dual-axes get the useless kick as their special attack?

They should have inherited the backflip from daggers or gotten something unique.

I do not like the kick at all.

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I believe @Mefistos is correct as long as pvp perspective… Any clan with more than 3 members will exploit that , as all it needs is a small hidden full of chests base as storage to work as a backup … They can go in any server scouting and when find something that interests them , they use a clan member that leaves the clan as a transporter, hop in a new server, raid, and then retreat at the same day to safety with loot…
Some planning needed on who will transfer loot so they get over the 7days window…
It will be abused (and its normal) also, do not forget that some imbalance in implemented as now any pvp clan can hide in ios(which not all exiled land pvp players may own…)
So we should listen to his call. It is a really tricky one


You still benefit from the extra points in enc though. You will have bigger capacity with 50 than 5. So I guess it depends what you are filling it up with


People already stated this but I will repeat.
People will simply look for high/medium pop server and simply farm explosives/god tokens on dead servers, then tranfer to high pop server and simply wipe everyone. There will be 0 actual pvp between attackers and defenders.
People will log in, go to previously scouted bases. Pop up god tokens and simply destroy everything because they farmed everything in safety of dead server.
But lets move away from raiding mechanic and let’s speak about combat.
So we have EL map servers and Siptah map servers.
Any who owns siptah can farm way better gear than anything EL have. They can farm sigils and everything else needed for combat and simply transfer everything in their inventory and equip it on EL map.

Let’s stop on Sigils issue. EL players don’t have access to them. It’s simply character stat boosts you paid for (yes you need to farm them on dead server) and you can simply transfer to EL map and start killing ppl and your character will be better at everything because you paid for it.

Wanna better pets or thralls? Wow you bought siptah so now you can transfer all that brutus and surge thralls with you to EL map. Feroxic gear and everything else in same category. You can simply transfer it to EL map and use it against players who didn’t want to play on Siptah/ didn’t buy the expansion.

I’m sorry but officials pvp and pve-c servers are destroyed with item transfer.
Wanna pvp on pve-c…better buy siptah cuz you will fight against someone who have entire list of sigils up their *ss and gear you don’t have.

Funcom simply forces you to buy Siptah dlc if you want to play and actually win fights be it pure pvp or pve-c.

You simply pay to win on all EL map servers when you buy Siptah.

It is what it is.


On my first server : Pippi + Dungeon Master Tools + Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - 2.2.1

On my second server : Pippi + Age of Calamitous.

I don’t have the exact coordinates, but anything along the river, and South of it, won’t be eligible for a purge.