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Hello! I have some questions about 2.8 update.
Just tested it and what i have to discover:

  • cant find any new pet emotes (even in admin panel) , do you have any tip where to look for it?

Regarding the first point - we’ve passed this over for some additional investigation as this should work correctly :thinking:

Regarding the second point - you will have to find all the emotes in the world, but there should be the learnallpetemotes admin command to have them.
If you are having any trouble with the emotes please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

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Before I file a bug report, has anyone else noticed that the following new world emotes are missing? If these three have been moved to different locations, then disregard. I double checked by leaving the area completely and re-visiting. The other five are in their Test-Live positions. This is all on the Official 1972 PVE-C server.

  1. Threaten at Mounds of the Dead is missing/moved.
  2. Amush, Hide, Rest, Idle1, Idle2 at Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters are missing/moved.
  3. Sift at The Unamed City is missing/moved.

P.S. Giants have feelings to, emotes for giants!

Why was the grave matters event fixed so late that its already gone? Is it coming back?

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First point can be deleted, with wearter severity setting set to 100 instead of 50 by default i saw rain/snow/ash in all supposed locations, all works great and no fps loss (!) all works fine, big thx for that fix.
Tested pet emotes with your command and it works great too, have to find them in game now, bug thanks.

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The event ended on the last week on the 18th of January.
We are aware that this event had some issues but we are working on improving in the future.

Grave Matters event will not be returning but we are planning on having other events in game as well (what and when still to be decided)

Hope this helps!


is there any map showing the emotes? noone i guess want to get banned because u planted an emote to where his base is ALREADY build…
would be nice to know so we can adjust our builds BEFORE someone decides to report any base for hiding an emote… (when adding things u should do that-like when the camps were added in IoS).
Also is this going to be taken into consideration IF a report occurs? will the player that has a base in any location that a new recipe/emote is added will get a warning with exact location that he needs to move/ modify BEFORE any punishment occurs?

The above questions r very critical for me, so plz let me know…

other than that the emotes on thralls pets , r awesome, the replacing pieces is a GREAT addition to the building system , and for me personally (old player here) is very important to see that u keep fixing things in every patch… keep the good work guys!


Since these have just been added in game, no player structure/base will be removed even if one of the emotes is blocked.

If you are having any trouble, please feel free to reach out to our team over on Zendesk

I will pass this suggestion over to the rest of the development team. Maybe we can provide a map showing the new emote locations.

Thank you for pointing this out!


would be nice to point new emote recipes , BUT plz do not add which recipe is where… (or make em randomly cirlce! the element of surprise is a nice feature this game’s discovery has! thank you for the quick responce! :smiley:

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Your eyes are not deceiving you. These emotes have been removed.

Hope this helps!


this looks just awesome


Can not log in getting fatal error crash

LogConsoleManager:Warning: Console object named ‘granite.AllowPerDLCGraniteCaches’ already exists but is being registered again, but we weren’t expected it to be! (FConsoleManager::AddConsoleObject)
LogConsoleManager:Warning: Console object named ‘granite.AllowPerDLCGraniteCaches’ already exists but is being registered again, but we weren’t expected it to be! (FConsoleManager::AddConsoleObject)

Looks like this has happened to others in the past.

OK removing the Glass building mod fixed this.

Mods. Wait for mod creators to catch up. Give us 24-72 hours or so to get fully situated, go from there.


OK sounds good. Will do.

Got an anti-virus warning right after Jan 26 update.

Anti-Virus: Kaspersky Security Cloud Free
UDS:Trojan-PSW.Win32.Stealer.xqy detected
Object: H:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\Engine\Binaries\Win64\CrashReportClient.exe
Time: 1/26/2022 11:50 PM (GMT+8)

Thanks for the new update and enhancements. A big thanks to the Testlive testers out there and also to all of the Modding community for their respective works. Enormously appreciated. Thank you collectively for all the time and trouble. Hopefully players will understand and appreciate the time involved and be patient should some mods take a while to update.

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Was it intended to changed Boreanaz the Shrouded from a taskmaster to a Ymir Priest and Stathem the Embalmer to be a Priest of Derketo?


After today’s update we are unable to connect to our rented server if we try to do so via EGS platform and if the map is Isle of Siptah. One of our friends tried to connect to the server via Steam, he had no problems with it at all. Any ideas?


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