PC Update 2.8 (26.01.2022) - Follower Emotes, Server Queues and more!


We will update this section with any changes and fixes applied to the patchnotes document post-release.

Changelog entries:

2022/01/26 2:35PM CET

Added mention to other creatures as well. Reason: Missing from patchnotes.

  • You asked, we delivered: The ranged attack of Spitting Spiders has now been fixed and your nightmares can finally be fueled from a distance. Other ranged creatures have also been fixed, but they are not as terrifying as Spitting Spiders are they.

2022/01/26 9:20PM CET

Added missing clarification to one of the fixes.

  • Fixed several issues found in regards to Grave Matters. This includes changing two of the event NPCs class from Taskmaster to Priest.

2022/02/03 12:05AM CET

Added new line to the patchnotes. Reason: missing from initial release. Thanks @Wak4863 for pointing that out.

  • Wheels of Pain can now be picked up if they don’t have any thralls in it being converted or having been converted.