PC Update 2.8 - Discussion Megathread

Hi Dana,

I tried to replace:
Sandstone with flotsam and vice versa.
Flotsam with black ice, arena, reinforced brick and nemedian pieces.
Nemedian frames with nemedian walls and vice versa.
Thatch roofing with nemedian roofing.
None of them worked so far.

I did not try to replace any pillars yet.

I play the Steam Version of Conan Exiles.

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Same here. So the important difference may be the combinations of part sets we’re working with. :thinking:

Greetings Everyone,

Regarding the pick-up building pieces issue, the team is currently looking into this further.
So far it seems the issue only happens on old databases/buildings.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigate.


The “old building” explanation makes sense. It works for me with stonebrick, stormglass and sandstone. Even replacing parts within the same set works, e. g. stormblass window with stormglass walls. But I only tried it with new buildings on a relatively new playthrough.

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I tried replacing pieces on a NEW single player game and it works! :astonished:
But for the official server and private server I’m playing on it’s not possible even with entirely new buildings.
Maybe it would work with a new character there, but I’m not in the mood to start over at the moment.


Added new entry to the changelog.


Hehe, I knew there would be something, there usually is. I bet there’s more too. :wink:

Yea this isn’t working at all for me on Official PVP Server 1880. Might have to do with old databases as Dana said, as 1880 is one of the OG Exiled Lands Servers

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Aw snap you on 80? I absolutely could not play there when my brother and I landed in May of 2021. His experience was fine, I was lagged to Pluto.

I rolled the tape on my recent vault-building. The sandstone fence foundation wrapper, when replaced with Black Ice, did not return pieces or mats. These were FFs I’d had in a chest, premade from before 2.8.

Newly-crafted SS FFs were replaced successfully, but only with newly-crafted black ice FFs. I’m not sure if that’s the key.

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By old buildings/databases, does that mean anything built prior to the 2.8 patch? The building I was upgrading was built within a month before the patch, and then I tried upgrading it after the patch. This is on an official server as well.

I tried that more than once on my old single player save game and on official server and it didn’t work. I even chose new unclaimed building spots.

But it works splendidly on my new single player save game :relieved:

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Pretty sure it’s just an issues with the databases of older servers.

EDIT: I tested this yesterday on PvP 6154, and IoS Official server and the ‘feature’ didn’t work there either. Replaced a Black-Ice Wall with a Black-Ice Doorframe. Got nothing back. Also… this base was 100% brand new and built yesterday. So I’m not so sure anymore it’s an “older bases”/Servers issue.

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Do gotta say, for as critical as I have been of this patch, the follower emotes are nice and a welcome addition.

I would like to use more thralls to populate my base with those new emotes

Not been able to play since the update,i get a failed to launch notice,saying i may not have permmission.i have followed all steams advice and instructions,including restarting my PC,but still no joy.i try to launch conan using the funcom launcherstill no joy, tried launching using conan sandbox and right clicking and running as administrator,still no luck, have tried on my laptops as well as my desktop still no luck.I always get problems for about a week after an update then its all fine again,but not this time.

Hi @hsmith1 :slightly_smiling_face: welcome to the forum

Did you also verify the integrity of your local game files over Steam? Because that does the trick for me after every update. Sometimes I even have to do it twice between patches.

RE- PLACE, take the piece back. You get the piece back or IF DMG, - You get material as dismantle back.

Patch 2.8.1 is out.

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Anybody here?

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I’m not sure if it was mentioned here before,
but since I found and learned the new emotes the ‘score’ and ‘spit’ emotes are missing from my emote wheel and I am unable to relearn them at their POIs.

I’m playing on PC/Steam. Do people on other platforms have this bug too?