PS4 Update 2.8 - Discussion Megathread

Please use this thread to discuss PS4 Update 2.8.



Cool. I’ll message home and start the updates. Thanks :blush:


Patch is only 2,3Gb. How come?

Any idea as to where the Ambush Emote can be found? It is not at the place as per @Wak4863 or @KiahonfireOfficial has suggested!


“* Fixed a critical issue that caused placeables to lose stability under specific circumstances.”

Is this the chest stacking on shelf issue?

the 0 stability problem is not fixed :frowning:

Can’t build my base and the funny x2 while picking up the pieces changed to x4?

ok… well
I’ll try to find it, the hunt is on

To teach thralls emotes, do we have to get them back in the various spots every time?

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Added clarification to the patchnotes and logged it in the changelog.

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Where is the ambush emote? We need it for our rp build as necromancers having our skeletons arise from the ground would make it a even better raid event!!! Please someone tell me they found it???


Most of the new emotes are not present on PS4. I’m sure that places were rigth

Only one comes with a Specialization?

Even with a trimmed down emote list (appropriately enough, I am having trouble spotting the Ambush), I’ve greatly enjoyed being able to let my thralls do something other than just stand around.
I haven’t noticed anything excitingly broken yet, so that’s always good.

Overall, this meets my general approval for RP/PvE.

As for PvP, my own solo nomadic pillaging also enjoys this update. Bases just became significantly less of a problem to erase. I imagine those who do enjoy fortifications and not living like a locust are probably howling in fury by this point.

I’ve been able to set my thralls to perform emotes I had already learned. No going back to re-acquire the belly dance.

Greetings Everyone,

Regarding Ambush and a few of other emotes:

Threaten, Amush, Hide, Rest, Idle1, Idle2 and Sift have been removed from the game.

Hope this helps!


Ah i didn’t know. Why?

It does help, thank you.

Do you know if they are removed for now and may return later with more polish, or if they are off the table entirely?
Perfectly understandable if they haven’t given you the insider scoop, but it never hurts to ask.

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These have been cut from the 2.8 live release. Not sure if these will make a return but please keep an eye out on our future updates as we are always working on improving the world of Conan Exiles.


Seriously? It’s literally one of the ONLY emotes I wanted to obtain. Why does funcom come up with so many good ideas only to be squashed out at release?