PS4 Update 2.8 - Discussion Megathread

Is it just me or does the Grave Matters event still not show up when playing Singleplayer/Co-op?

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Yeah they mentioned a fix but I thought it was over my self didn’t see it last night.

I got eat emote but It doesn’t appear

Thank you much for the follow up.
If you have the ear of those who make such decisions, please let them know there is enthusiasm for that particular emote’s potential appearance later.

I was finally able to make the dancers stop jumping, they drive me crazy when I’m on base. emotions are fun, I’ve had fun leaving my friends’ warriors making gestures, some thought that I would change them for dancers. On the other hand, I am having problems with the movement. of the character keeps walking in one direction and I have to roll several times or climb something to free the camera, does it happen to anyone else?


What is Ambush emote never heard about it until yesterday .

I was in Sepermeru, on the roof of a house across from Conan’s Tavern. Ambush’s book has disappeared

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It does work, just not on all thralls.

For example I found it worked today on my big cats, but not humans or Elephants.

(at least the option to select it did not appear).

Can I just say also, thanks Funcom peeps for the emotes they’re very amusing!
Not sure why a lot have disappeared but looking forward to seeing them in the future perhaps?
Either way, the ones we have got made me laugh today, and being able to select a specific dance for an entertainer is great!

I am a bit annoyed about Boreanaz and Statham suddenly becoming devout overnight and joining the priesthood though. They were fine (and useful) as Taskmasters. I hope they get some better use down the road?


Got nothing from 2.8 but locked out of modded servers.
It is 100% worthless to everyone Ive chatted with.
Great job FUncom, you pissed off everyone on Discord

It was on Testlive for a bit.
Very nifty “emote”.

When you set a follower to “ambush” they bend down and bury themselves into the floor.
Depending on their gear, you may see a hilt sticking out of the sand or such.
They retain their agro status, so if you have them set to guard an area, they’ll pop up and attack any hostiles who enter.
Sorta like the undead in the ground in the area west of the mounds of the dead.

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OK thank you now I understand. Appreciate it.

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Thanks another moment I should be in bed asleep :sleeping: playing the same have a few things to do then going to bed for a few hours I think.

I enjoy seeing my bartender now knock them back behind the bar haha :joy:


Just an aside, I jail broke a named bearer (Dono 'Lpup) from a cage and he still has the “unarmed” items in his inventory.
So that bug isn’t quite exterminated.

Its been a while since I last l played conan exiles, but the emotes stuff made me come back to it and I´m enjoying it so far! The only thing that happens to me is a lot of freezes of 1 second and some audio bugs, like it takes a while for the sound of attack or mining to play. Is this happening to anyone else?

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Yes, same here. There is plenty of freezing, lag, and the sound is always late. It was like that before this patch for me.


Good job FUncom, you are losing players in droves via Discord. Every modded server has crashed over and over again. The Modders can not keep up with you repeated updates every 2 hours. Critical errors on the servers that are still up. A lot of Sysops are just keeping their serves down.

Even the official servers are borked. You did mange to keep them up, yet hardly anyone is playing them. They have gone to other games.

Tell the Devs from SOE who you hired, are killing this one just like that one died. The hay day of SWG and Exiles has run a parallel course.
and shall end up the same, low population.

I spent a lot of time looking at you tubes of the best MMOs out there. Exiles is not even on the list. Guild Wars 2 as old as it is is ranked in the top 5.
Shameful the whole lot of you.

This update is 100% worthless even if it did work.

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I have a question for any takers. Is one of the several issues included in the fix for the Grave Matters event for it not startng or not spawning anymore shortly thereafter? Genuine question, as I have not yet downloaded the whole patch. Working on it installments. :wink:

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So a hide emote. Awesome…oh wait health bars visible. Another counter intuitive mechanic to add to the list!

Succeeds in concept, (as it didn’t make it out of Testlive) we’ll get back to you on implementation.

For all I know, that’s why it got held back.