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so, the emotes for thrall work, but can’t get it to work for pets. got the sit emote rn only.

updated: seems even after learning the feat u don’t keep it

Not all emotes work for the pets. They aren’t labeled differently at this point.

i already have sit emote for thrall before collecting the sit feat, which is for pets. but the feat doesn’t stay. that the problem

Added clarification to the patchnotes and logged it on the changelog.


Can we fix the dagger spam! Or remove poison like you did bleed naked pvp meta with daggers is getting out of control

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Added new entry to the changelog.


A new small patch (2.8.3) is now out on Xbox.


Combat still sucks on xbox. Npcs walk through combo hit #4, no stagger, no knockback. Npcs see player characters through walls and terrain. The lag is disgusting.

In a game about sword play, cant play with swords…

Any plans to make xbox fun again? Or just plan to keep adding more to it without fixing it?

And where are all the xbox players posting at? This forum looks abandoned to a degree.

Maybe it has to do with people getting fed up with FC choices…somebody is choosing to leave xbox as it is.

The lag is a constant during combat. FC provided a fix for a rare issue, can we get a fix for an ever present bug, soon too?

New server-side patch released

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Hello. Xbox has been lag plagued since IoS release. There are no real comments about it from anyone at FC. Other than accepting a bug report several months ago, nothing has been done to help the situation.

Could you please verify if this state ce is in, is going to be the new standard? Will performance issue ever be addressed? Will ce ever be enjoyable again on xbox? Will combat ever be fixed? Will performance become a priority, or will fc continue to add unnecessary additions to the game instead?

Example, server ques for servers that have not been full for almost 2 years. Not needed, of little to no use, required time and resources that could have been used on something xbox actually needs.

Please find the time to comment. Any clarity or transparency would be welcomed.

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They are so arrogant quiet, that i believe they have something ready! But no fixes, no i think a new map is on the way. I mean it should be! Everything else than a new map, sorcery, or conan 2 will make more than half of the playerbase leave the game for ever…So funcom please release emotes for horses😈

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You may be correct, it could be arrogance. There is something wrong, that is certain. They ignore the state of xbox and will not comment, but continue to choose to make additions to the game and produce paid dlc instead.

With every patch, xbox has gotten worse since IoS. No steps to fix it have been taken. No comments made. Just ignore that it dosent work and keep focused on sales…nice ethics fc.

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Most of the problems ocure on old gen. I think the plan was the more people buy a next gen console the quieter will be the dissapointed. For example you see enough of this idiots here in forum who say: my game runs smooth, im on xbox series x.
But corona and war destroyed funcoms dirty little plan. Thats why they so quiet. They are absolute scared and clueless! I guess some of them are near to loose their job.

How can they still sell it for consoles that cannot support it due to their own changes? How is this permitted?

So, i was lucky enough to finally find an xbox i have a gaming/home theater question. what headset are people using so that you can play, but still are able to get the full benefit of your theater system. price isn’t really an object, i just want to be able to speak to my friends and still hear someone sneaking up behind me.

I was finally able to locate a series s console. After installing ce i was so optimistic due to the comments blaming my older console for all the lag. I was excited to do more than refresh my build. Well, $480 later and this what i get from fc?


I have waited almost 2 years for fc to fix ce. They wont even comment on xbox, other than to apply more broken content and to sell dlc. Selling a game that does not run is not ethical. Its not morale. If you cant fix it, stop getting more people to buy it. Greedy, careless, foolish decisions have ruined ce. Its not going to get anu better, only worse as more is added. Fc still selling it tho…greasy, real greasy…


Anyone from FC, by this i mean a staff member, care to say anything about the state of xbox? How long can you all just ignore what is current on xbox? Runs like a dog with one leg. Been like this for a long time now. Newest gen consoles dont help. The whole thing is a wash. When is someone going to act like a responsible person and pull ce on xbox from the marketplace?

Hi @MakeItBetter

We are always working on improving Conan Exiles so please keep an eye out for our future game updates.

In the meantime can you please provide us with some additional inforamtion on what you’ve experienced?
Are these performance issues happening on all servers (official and unofficial) as well as all game modes (single player and online)?

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