Xbox Update 2.8 - Discussion Megathread

Idk about single player. And i only log into the server i play on. I do not have the time, busy playing a game that works, to log into different servers to evaluate performance. I have never even applied for a job at fc, my morales wouldnt allow it. Nothing personal, but i would flip burgers before i worked for a dishonest company. How i was raised. 2 months ago a forum mod passed the performance of ce as a bug, to the dev team. Hows that going? Since there has been no patch, and you are asking, 2 months later, for information, i doubt very much has happened to fix ce. I assume just as much attention will be coming in the next 2 months. Very disappointed, and frustrated with fc. An old bug let a random player rob my friends vault, he quit because he lost years worth on loots due to a very old problem that fc has claimed to have fixed sereral times in the past. You take everything from xbox players, loot, characters, buildings, and now my friend…great game you guys ruined. Just dope yo!

:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: OMG…

Try and find out!!!

Holy smokes… It takes a tiny fraction of the time you took to write that reply not to mention the 100 other replies where you stated how evil, dishonest, or corrupt FC is. It’s almost like you WANT there to be a problem so you will have something to complain about. Very sad!

Since you have only ever played on one server my bet is that you’re connecting to the WRONG region of the world and all this lag you’re claiming is actually 100% your fault. How embarrassing for you… making all these claims over the past month or so and you haven’t even tried a different server - showing that it’s likely been your own fault all this time… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Can you stop subjecting people to the thread and just point out the idea? I think you are being too hard on us.

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Sure… but I said “…my bet is…” while your quote makes it seem otherwise. Meanwhile @Dana is just trying to help the guy, answering his questions, and he’s being… well, you can read it.

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Ouch. Like i posted elsewhere. 3 years on this server. Didnt say i have never played on another. And my first year was awesome. Other than the crashes. The last 2 years, like i said, since IOS, the game has; performed much differently. It changed. Did not remain the same. Was altered. Acted in an unusual manner. I used a few similar meaning sentences to make myself clear. The update changed the game.

You could be right tho. Maybe the day IOS came out, the server i play on got up and left that physical location and moved a vast distance under its own power, away from me. Yeah that would do it.

This is a more logical reason to you than fc being at fault? A stability patch, ment to affect server memory usage, made by a company with a horrible patch success history is ruled out as a possibility? It cannot be fc?

Ok. Thanks for wasting my time. I feel nothing is to be gained by either of us. Good day. Good luck with your wooden head.

…how embarrassing…

What are your setting on they have added or change some settings like you can choose performance mode or quality mode but on single players I do get lag I’m currently uninstall and reinstall as my Xbox one caught fire an I had to upgrade to Xbox one s but the lag is like a sec then go fine for a few minutes then again but it’s on IOS so check your settings to see or change them to make sure that not a problem and if able uninstall reinstall as with games that receive lots or large updates can and will corrupted files over time it’s good to do that for all big games every year if you have problems but my Xbox needs to download 160ish gb

I play in non performance mode. I just boight a new sesies s console new installation.

Changed isp. Upgraded to 1 gb fiberop.
Upgraded console. Newest gen possible.

Ce runs the same. Barely.

I don’t play on Xbox but I hope all Xbox players enjoy the game as much as the PC and PS players.
It doesn’t matter which platform I play on, but I wish we could all play together and use the mods to have even more fun. :vulcan_salute:

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Yeah I just have random micro lag so it mostly fine but I hope it can be solved soon as I don’t play server side anymore so I don’t know how I can help

I wish FC felt the way you do. Fun for EVERYBODY.

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I cannot find some of the books for follower emotes (on the roof outside Conan’s bar, for example), and only the CONVERSE emotes were on the book inside on the counter. Any ideas what the problems could be?

Enjoying the update. Gotta agree with another poster about swords, not very viable weapon in most cases. The work well enough for arena style 1v1’s , sword vs sword, and I know skill has a lot to do with it but swords just seem so unusable otherwise. Could maybe give them bleed too? Like daggers. Or maybe increase armor pen values? They are also a piercing weapon, not just slash. I just think there’s gotta be a way to boost the swords a little to make them more useable

Unfortunately I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the series S. from what I hear. It runs about the same, if not worse than the one x. They always mess it up with the S version of tiger consoles.