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just finished the update, but no online servers are loading in for any mode exept the test live in PvP and PvE, singlle player mode works, is ther something you need to fix still?

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The team is aware of this and they are currently lookin into the issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work on this.


thanks servers now showing up


THANK YOU! My largest complaint through the years has been PS is the ugly stepchild of the game. You have 180 degrees changed that and I appreciate it. The forums are too full of negatives and not enough positives…this level of full platform commitment is a positive and greatly appreciated. Please share with the dev team and the QC group that deals with those stickler at Sony. I see the forum is warning me that the topic is solved and blah…I feel this is an additional detail that needs to be said.


I think I can play tomorrow… But can someone tell if the grafical rendering issues are gone? Or did are my pets and benches still looking like in these screenshots?

Что с ps5? Когда будет версия? Намекнуть можно :crazy_face:. Круч вашего жанра нет. Эт первая игра в которой я провожу столько времени. Сделайте ее ещё лучше для обладателей ps5. Для всех нас)))) спасибо Вам за вашу работу.:+1:

Greetings everyone,

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Hello community and developers… I currently play on the 4519 official server, and even after the update I still can’t find Harpagus the Hatcher in the Marauder’s Shortcut, I wonder if it stays in the same place or has it been set to appear in another location? I still haven’t checked if this also happens on the solo host or on another official server.

Hi @Katanzarus

Could you please create a bug report over on this forum section? PlayStation Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

Also if you can, please provide us with the coordinates or a screenshot of where you’ve searched for the Harpagus the Hatcher.

Thank you so much for helping us with this issue investigation.


Not really a bug but load times on a standard ps4 has doubled from my observation and it takes a bit to fully load up (you lag/rubberband for about 3-10 seconds after popping into the world). Runs fine after that but the complexity of the game is starting to wear at the processing of the older console. Conan may have to start assessing if the basic ps4 can manage the game anymore.

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thanks for the update, i noticed a significant change in performance; but I still experience lag despite playing offline and sometimes there is also sound lag as some locations take time to load … suddenly I fell into the void in the library of the nameless city due to the rendering delay; I tried it several times and I always fall but if I stand still before entering then the place will load fine. (I don’t know how to download a PS4 video but I put two links to show the problem.)


I have a few questions that interest me and many other PS5 CE players.

Will there be a PS5 version of Conan in the near future?

And will more vaults appear on IoS?
What will the future hold for IoS?



'>_> watches video of you walking into a unloaded area

I’ve had this happen when using HD with several areas, just need wait for it to all load in. (issue mostly went away with a SSD)

Stopping before void and waiting do anything? or does it never load?

The problem is not that, but the performance of the game in general, as seen in the video, it seems that I play with 900 ping when in reality I am playing offline; The patch improved performance but I still experience a lot of lag when I access my own inventory or that of a follower or table, literally this game stays stuck for 5 or 10 seconds until the inventory loads and the NPCs are invisible for a long time until that they load.


Like the game?

Stop adding new things before you fix what you have. As seen across Reddit and your forums, one of the most popular requests is to fix the lag issues. It is pure torture to sit through the lagspikes that consistently shows up within a minute. I hope for an answer that presents your progress on a fix.

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Hey Huge. Are you running a standard ps4 ? If so ’ thats the majority of the problem.
As the game has evolved the Ps4 simply can’t keep up with the processing nessacary, despite the attempts from Funcom.
Get a Ps5 and it simply a different experience.
Even though its not been optimized for Ps5.
It’s another level with no Lagg in my experience.


I’ll consider it. But the ability to buy a game that is not optimized for your console is dumb.


I AM TRYING!!! :sob::sob::sob: