Xbox Update 2.7 - Discussion Megathread

Please use this thread to discuss Xbox Update 2.7.


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Question, have you fixed the nudity settings for G Portal Servers and Single player on Xbox so that we can have full nudity? Or are guys still working on it? Just curious because i love playing the game and feel like it would be alot more fun with having the same features as PC minus mods


Welcome to the Forum. NUDITY SETTINGS would still depend on the country of origin your game was purchased in. Unless you previously had full NUDITY and one of the updates messed it up. I know that happend to ps4.

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Well i do know it was talked about to be released for consoles in US, but something happened in the config or what not where it messed it up, because on GPortal Servers before it was supposed to be released you only had Partial or None, now in the settings you have “Blank” Partial and None, like it was supposed to be added but it bugged or messed up somewhere because there are now three tabs instead of just the two

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Sony will not allow full NUDITY for content purchased in the US because esrb ratings. There a work around you would have to purchase a European version and change your account to somewhere else :wink:

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Im on Xbox lmao, and i would believe that Microsoft would allow it since they have ■■■■ hub on microsoft edge on xbox​:rofl::rofl::crazy_face:

is it intentional that the description for what bonuses weapons give you is gone ? its gone on every weapon, legendary and crafted

Ребят, ответьте пожалуйста. Будет ли обновление графики для ps5? Готов жить с данной игрой. Второй год играю. И обидно очень. Боксов порадовали а мы грустим.

When does the xbox game app load the update? Waitin since hours now.

On official pvp servers I was able to upload my character, but all the official pvp America region servers give a message of “character transfer not allowed on this server” when I try to import my character. This includes both exiles lands and siptah.

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Hi @StingAiR

If you are not seeing the 2.7 update could you please try a reinstall?
This should push the new update and it will start downloading.


130 + GB DL to fix the update stalling? Lol

What about all the disappearing thralls? Its the main reason ppl are not logging in to play…

Or just keep adding more to CE without fixing the biggest issues. What new bugs will 2.7 bring while we still have so many active? Will adding this new content change the parameters of existing bugs? Will it serve to create more difficulties fixing bugs?

We all have seen unintended changes from new content. What complications will come from the automatic structure removal near obelisks? No human interaction or judgement utilized. How long before that tool is hacked and used to delete structures maliciously?

FC has proven they are unreliable when adding content. FC keeps adding more to a broken game and extending the lifespan of active bugs with each addition to the game code. Feels like CE will never be in a better state. Sad.

Question, could you add the ability to have double beds be bound for 2 clan mates? Instead if just one person?

I am playing a Co-op game, we played for about an hour last night but did not see any markers on the map ( I checked it every couple of minutes), we visited mounds of the dead and the summoning place and stayed in the areas for quite some time but did not see the event.

I have advised to try logging out at the summoning place and it may fix it when logging back in.

Does anyone have any other suggestions.
The only thing I can think of which may effect it is we have turned off the purge untill we level up a bit.

Hi @Joe_Pineapples

We are aware of this issue and our development team is currently looking into it.
You can read more here: Grave Matters Event - #56 by Dana

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigate the issue.

Awesome update! I loved the part where asshats entered my private server via Character Transfer bringing moded weapons that do 2.1 billion damage. HOW WAS THIS OVERLOOKED??? I had to turn off Character Transfer on our highly populated server due to people being able to bring modded weapons with them. Will this ever be fixed or is it like most other things in Conan, wish in one hand & sht in the other & see which fills up first?
**ingbelievable that this wasn’t forseen and addressed before release. Another useless feature due to it being severely broken. bravo clap clap

I remember a reported bug relating dead NPC names showing in German… This seems to be have over-resolved…
On my XBox now all dead NPC names appear in English. As long as they live, the name/fraction is shown nice in German as it should be. When they die, all turns to English…

I have this behavior on my ps4 for a long time. But don’t check it after the last update.
Maybe it’s moved to Xbox now :see_no_evil:

I reinstalled the game after along time. Months have gone by because after the graphics downgrade not only does the game run like crap. It now looks like crap on my xbox. Ive said this 100x or more and Funcom refuses to keep it real. “we’re sorry and understand your frustration” is the most pathetic automated response and you have to use it on 90% of threads. Funcom isnt capable of fixing this game. Thrawls and stability have been an issue for at least a year if not longer, tell me Funcom wats your excuse for game breaking bugs lasting this long. Again ill say it… THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY NEW FEATURES OR CONTENT/DLC INTRODUCED UNTIL YOU FIX THE FK’N BUGS AND STABILITY. WHAT ABOUT THAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?? Garbage

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I am in the process of reinstalling Conan exiles which is going to take a hell of a long time. For the past 3 days it has been on the loading screen although it’s beautiful artwork it does nothing for me. 4 days ago everything I just build up north lost stability and disappeared. Now, I’ve been playing this game almost every day since it’s original Xbox release and if I lose everything after 5 days I am going to freak The Hell out! And this all happened after this last update! Please stop updating the game with more bugs! I thought that’s why you tested these things first!

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