Xbox Update 2.7 - Discussion Megathread

You should mainly fix SAVE in singleplayer game… After lot of hours of playing, game stop save new progress. Always i lost all my new progress. Where is problem? First 10-30 hours of gameplay save worked, but now i cant save my new progress. I tried cloud xbox game pass and console xbox one x. Still i can’t save game… Not playable without saving… This information should be writed in all STORES. We thank you this game for spending time and money… Marry Christmas.

hi you guys still updating the game on Xbox one?
ik you had alot of people requesting this i myself would like it in the game to its the magic and spells thing…ik you want to keep things secret so i wont ask if that’s going to be added (all we can do is hope magic makes it in a update for Xbox) what i would like to ask is 2 things

1 if your still updating conan exiles on console will you still stream it talk about the update and answer questions?

2 i heard you wish mods was a thing for the console version of this game…everything has it’s limits sometimes its hard to put something like that on a console but can it be done? i mean most of the new stuff you showed off in your streams had to have been from mods that you put in updates which i have to ask is it possible to put magic from a mod into a console update?

let me know when you got time to reply tnx for reading and marry Christmas
stay safe and dont get sick love you guys :slight_smile:

ANybody else stopped having purges after this update? I can’t get a damn purge to work no matter what i do. bar just stays full, and thats it. built bases in jungle and savanna areas…no cigar.

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Yes, no purges and no saving. Not playable.

Get with the program, guys; stop playing Conan and your life will be so much better.


Yes, good info. Peoples doesn’t spend your time with this worst game ever in new year!

yea no offense but im still playing conan exiles and you can’t and shouldn’t force people to quit…same with Cyberpunk 2077
if anyone wants to say that only one is needed dont need a repeat of what that person said

please don’t cause trouble by telling people to quit a game
if they want to it’s up them not you ok?

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