Reginal Specific DLC, description says there should be 3 levels of nudity but there is only none and partial

According to this description this patch which I had forgotten about until 3.0 launched, because it got an update too but no notes on what was updated. So what exactly was the update for it and what is it supposed to do because my Xbox version had partial nudity before this patch and partial nudity after this patch. Just the FYI stuff for any dev that may see this, I am on Xbox Series X, and I own a full copy of the game along with all the expansions including The Isle of Siptah, but have only ever seen partial nudity or none as options when setting a new server and in the game settings for the server once I’m playing.


This free DLC unlocks the option to display full nudity on character models in Conan Exiles. There are three levels of nudity to choose from, they are either none, partial or full. Players may choose to use either of these settings.

Published by:
Funcom Oslo AS

Developed by
Funcom Oslo AS
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If you are in America, I believe full nudity is not allowed, I’m not sure why but even with the dlc it won’t allow full nudity. I don’t know if this is still the case however not long ago full nudity wasn’t allowed if you ip was from America. I believe other countries allow full nudity if your able to change your ip. Australia is one

The description came directly off the US-Xbox website, that’s the link at the bottom, the actual store description. I was hoping a dev would address this and clear it once and for all. Also, I removed the file from my DLC list to test, and nothing changed, still none and partial are the options. Why do they even include this at all?

Set your console region to germany and you have full nudity

(btw, make sure to check your settings in game and the server setting, they both have to be set to full nudity to have full nudity ;))

full nudity is not allowed in america

It’s very odd, I’ll have to see if I can get the two pics from my Xbox to this thread here. One literally says under the drop-down box, “server nudity level allowed: Full”, but if I drop down the box it still says none and partial. This still also doesn’t explain why the file was added long after I installed the game, why if you disable it nothing changes (still partial and none) and why they keep updating this file on US Xbox’s if it’s not doing anything on the US consoles (did I mention I play mostly solo or coop, occasionally on PVE servers)? I just want an answer why it’s in my Xbox install for the game, though it seems pointless and doesn’t do anything if its installed or not.

Has nothing to do with your console, just with the region your console is set to. If your console is set to region “United States of America” then you will not get access to full nudity because it´s not allowed in that country. If you set your console region to, for example, Germany you will have access to full nudity (testet with my friend who is in the US, he has full nudity when his console is set to Germany). Changing your region is totally fine, you can even keep your language to english (that´s how my console is set up, language english, region Germany)

This comes up a lot. I’m in the US and tested it today. Changing your location will no longer work. It actually appears that the only setting is None.

I’m working from home today and might try a few workarounds but not expecting much to come from it.

in the US nudity is bad and guns are good…go figure…

This depends on the server also accepting full nudes, access the server I play is FULL nudes:
XBOX PvP: [BR] Age of Sorcery 8x (Nude All) - North America - NEW YORK

I have uninstalled the file from my Xbox, I have disabled and left it in place on my Xbox. It does nothing, I keep the same options no matter if it’s on my Xbox or not. None or Partial. I just want an official confirmation why it’s even on US Xboxes if it does nothing and changes nothing if it’s on or off. I appreciate everyone responding, but I would like an official response as to why it’s even there to begin with and what it’s supposed to actually do on US consoles. I’m not saying this to be rude or anything, I honestly want a real answer from Funcom or the dev team, because if they can’t explain it then it, then no one really knows and it should just go away, I would think.

I need to preface this by stating I don’t own an Xbox and I’m not completely familiar with how buying stuff on the Xbox store works. That said:

First of all, I get what you’re saying, but is it really that big a deal? Not the “can I have nudity part”. I’m referring to the fact that the nudity patch apparently shows up at all on the U.S. store even though it doesn’t do anything. And besides, it’s probably more a question for Microsoft than Funcom.

And second, how did you even get to that page? What I mean is that I went ahead and browsed the Xbox store like I was someone looking to buy that version of Conan Exiles and what I found is that the add on appears on what I’m assuming is the global version of the store, but not the U.S. version. That link you posted goes to the U.S. store, indicated by the “en-us” part of the web address. But none of the game pages that I saw on the U.S. store even indicate that the add on exists.

It matters to me, the game is bloated as is on the Xbox Series X (not that this file is huge or anything, but it would be one less thing to get scrambled and cause possible crashes or current crashes), and the way I understand the process, Funcom/Conan Exiles dev team put out all patches/updates and submit them to Microsoft for approval, once approved by Microsoft they put out the patch/update. So, they should be able to answer a simple question of why is it there and what is it doing. Even if they say, it’s not doing anything at all and can be removed (which I tried and the game still works the same), that’s at least an answer.

As far as the link, I found it while using the web browser on my Xbox. I think its the Edge browser maybe?

I uninstalled and reinstaled and was able to access and use all 3 options this weekend.

My guess is something with the game being on GamePass and the recent updates not opening the game I own. When I went to reinstall I made sure to go through my ‘Owned Games’ list and not the store.

ETA: I also set location to Norway to reinstall and back to US after I got my new game started.

I think it depends on when you got the dlc. I got it in 2018 & I have my console set to US region. I have my server set to full nudity while in the US region. Though that toggle sticks badly. You have to hover over it for a good while before it becomes active. I have to switch out of full nudity to capture vids or pics & it takes forever.

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