Help? New to server rental

Hello helpful fellow players!
I finally got everything set up for a few friends and myself to begin our epic journey, but even though the server is set to full nudity once signed into the server and in game, it drops to partial or none. It just doesn’t seem like the Conan experience without glorious jigglluvahappaflappers.

The problem is in server settings. It only goes up to partial. On the Gportal settings for the server it goes up to full and it says that is where it is set.
Is this a Microsoft thing?

Even so why does it randomly drop from partial to none and no longer offer partial as an option.

_<; this has been nothing but frustrating.

From what I understand for North America, you can only see full nudity on PC. Console is limited by default, regardless of what the server is set to. Someone else may have more detailed information, but from I gathered, it was a ratings (ESRB) decision for the Xbox and PlayStation releases of the game in North America. European releases, I believe have a milder view on nudity and I think it was left in.

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We thought that could be bypassed by selecting a Canadian server.

Thank you very much for the answer.

Maybe one day folks will chill out and this aversion to the human body will end.

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