Cant enable Full nudity

So when making an SP game, neither the server settings nor character creator give me the option for nudity, only partial. I read that it may be my country.

Im playing with the PC Xbox app version of the game.

Do you have access to the nudity dlc pack in your country?

There’s a bug on consoles that disabled nudity settings regardless of country that I don’t think has been patched yet. That could be what you’re seeing.

I think normally it’s only the U.S. region that has it disabled.

I dont, is it possible to bypass the restriction somehow?

Im on PC but i dont know, could be many things and to be honest, NZ follows Australian guidelines so it very well could be banned.

Nudity dlc is region locked.

so basically im screwed?

Yeah. You’ll have to make do with partial.

Well that’s a giant F you to those of us who wanted it. I hate the game rating systems, they do nothing good for the gaming community.

I’m pretty sure that New Zealand should have access to the dlc.

You need to go to the marketplace and download it, I don’t think it ever auto downloads.

I play on Xbox so I know it’s different but I also have the game pass version and it works just fine

Steam and the Xbox store all dont have it

I just checked the game pass app and it’s there for pc

In New Zealand?

I haven’t checked NZ particularly but it’s there for PEGI rating version.

If you were on Xbox I could walk you through the work around, but I’m not 100% on how gamepass on PC works.

I have a few ideas I can look at and maybe give some better tips

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Ah, you’re a kiwi, you should have access to the full nudity dlc. Check under ‘addons for this game’ or ‘included with this game’ and search for a pic of a couple standing behind some strategically placed ferns. It’s a tiny download. Once downloaded, relaunch Conan.

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I will have a look, thank you

Ignore that Oct, was meant for Balthie. I’m a tad tired

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Just checked the NZ app and you can get it on there

There is no nudity DLC for PC. At least I have not seen one.

You could try to force the game to use full nudity. Turn off the game first.

Go to the config files of your Conan installation (for me it is Steam):
D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

You will see several .ini files. Open ServerSettings.ini.

Look for and set

Save and close the file.
Open Game.ini.

Look for and set

Save and close the file.

Start the game now and see if it helped.

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I cant believe it was so hard to find, i have it now, thank you so much for the help.

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