PC Update 2.5 Discussion Megathread

Exactly, i don’t mind pve, of course it’s great feature but pvp should be more restricted. There’s SOOOO much room to exploit this. I have 3 steam/conan accounts, now imagine 10 man clan that may have 3-5 accounts each. That’s 30-50 trasnfers possible, one full body can bring 20k dragonpowder… They can use their stashed bodyvaulted / exploited loot to just wipe anyone in just seconds.


Well it’s okay for PvE and PvE-C but PvP should operate differently as there’s raid feature.

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That’s what I was always thinking as well…
On the other hand, a new thought:
What about this server transfer thing help redistribute the populations over official servers?
It’s never possible to predict what people will do, but I guess players will be also free to scout the “dead servers” to hunt down farmers. It could be that this leads to more “actual pvp” at the end. And the dead servers being more alive.

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Ymmm no?
Would you like to transfer few people or atleast one people with gear to just hunt one / two people farming on dead server? Keep in mind there’s 7 day cooldown on each account, not to mention that maps are huge just to find 1/2 players.

Of course no, people will farm on dead servers and come back to populated with bases to raid / grief - that will be meta which is very very bad thing. No more random encounters. It will trivialise whole pvp game.

But since you have a lvl 60 character you can move to a “dead server” and wait for people there. Then there starts to be more activity, even fight, and more people join. Then dead server isn’t dead anymore.

I don’t think farmers will just come in and out of the map, they’ll have to build some stations to make tar/steelfire/dragonpowder. Map is big but only free locations have brimstone…

Wait for people there? Who would do that? They will farm there and switch to populated server, no one is willing to join empty server besides farming on it. (of course there will be few individuals but you can count them on fingers of your hands)

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I think I’m gonna do it just to prove my point :slight_smile:

Oke first things after this bugfixes like new or missed bugs

  1. thralls wanders out of guard zone
  2. server transfer kills character and freeze them in warmaker dungeon ( atleast me ) until body decays
  3. grass still disappear on siptah mini islands
  4. tranfering from siptah – exile, cause instantkill
  5. After exiting siptah official server - fatal error

So far only 5 things found :slight_smile: i like storm tho its fixeed ^^

Like I said before “of course there will be few individuals but you can count them on fingers of your hands” and that does not mean it’s good and will not trivialise pvp gameplay - it still be ghost town there, most people will rather farm on dead servers - where’s random encounters, fight for spots, resources like in pvp game? There won’t be any on this ‘farm’ servers.

Dragon Powder?? nahhhh, transfer the Avatar ready to invoke


Added new change to the patchnotes changelog.


hello, you did not specify in which ini file to write the transfer settings, this is one, two - if you write the transfer setting in the ServerSettings.ini file, then the first two settings: ServerTransferEnabled = 1
CanImportDirectlyFromSameServer = 1
are not saved and disappear from the file, as if they were not registered, and the ServerTransferServersWhitelist = (“”) setting does not see my servers (which are registered in the whitelist) and gives the error “this character is not on the server from the whitelist”

And most importantly, the rollback time of the download in the transfer is 24 hours, you are serious, i.e. I can test your settings every 24 hours, or I can own 10 accounts … m … a new way to convince people to buy the game!

Yep, but what I was trying to clarify is that it won’t allow you to ignore the rule about transferring while overencumbered.

Excellent point. Transfer between EL and IOS does seem to turn IOS into a more of a pay-to-win DLC.

One small nitpick here: I don’t know if you’ve actually played on official PVE-C servers, but I have, a lot, and I assure you they won’t be “destroyed” by this at all. For whatever reason, most people on PVE-C servers don’t like unrestricted combat and will whine and complain about it on chat if you attack them without provocation. Most of the “conflict” on official PVE-C servers comes from people either sparring under a battle standard, or trolls who deliberately target newbies or harass people who are just trying to build inside their base or stuff like that. :man_shrugging:

Yes, like I said, both of you already stated that the transfer should not include inventory, which would solve the PVP transfer problem. That other post had nothing to do with the inventory.


My point is if you play on EL map, be it pvp or pve-c, you are forced to own and log on IoS map to keep up with others.
Because players will aspect and serpent armor pieces, they will have sigils and weapons better than what you can get on EL map.
There’s nothing close to t4 crafted feroxic on EL map. There’s nothing like +400 armor light aspect helmet on EL.
Players will bring all that way better gear to EL map and will simply destroy any kind of balance it had.
Even on pve-c ppl will abuse it to simply win in “controlled” fights or simply abuse other players.

Just take a look at this bonuses you simply can’t get if you don’t own IoS/ only play on EL server.
The only way to get it is to have access to IoS/farm there or know someone who will provide this items for you.

So EL will be full of players with way better items just because they own IoS dlc.
It simply destroys all EL servers.

The funny thing tho…they removed ability to cleanse bleed in 2.5 but you can buy IoS and farm for snakeman sigil to greatly reduce your bleed timer making it simply useless against you…gg i guess.


This may be why they kept the random drops for recipes and Sigils are lost if you die. So it’s not auto-win all the time.

I know Pippi and Age of Calamitous were updated so that 2nd server should be running now.
Not ure on DMT and Hosav having issues or not, since I haven’t started testing which mods are broken yet. I have 47 mods on my servers (3) and was waiting for some of the smoke to settle (mods being updated = 1/3 were updated so far).

Hopefully both of your servers are up and working today.

Releasing an update where u keep bow the same with hyperarmor and charging while rolling + 3 shotting people. And making other stuff worse is for me so wierd, why? How can u guys even come up with something like that?

Take the spear for an example, between 2nd-3rd strike is way slower than before, and also between 3rd and 4th? I mean it was hard even before to make an full combo on someone, and now it’s completely impossible especially when u dont have any of that hyper armor.

And the healing is also a thing. In my eyes, having animation on heal (wich is ok) but also having it not go through damage is for me just wanna make the game more and more making the game look like cat and rat game. If u try heal u dead, even if u manage to pott successfully, u dead since u will stop healing when the enemy catching up on you since u have the animation. Either no animation heal (wich I know u dont want) with heal cancel, or animation heal with healing through damage. Otherwise it will just be end up in a cat and rat game.

most of meta items on IoS are vault recipes. So there’s 0 rng with aquiring them.
So you just need to do your vaults, get recipes and craft it.

You only do vault once for sigils and then farm only sigil of Fiend because it prevents drop of other sigils.Basically works like extra life in game. You just farm Fiend sigil and apply it after each death to keep all other bonuses intact.


Exactly, you don’t have to farm spare for all sigil, just one. This server transfer thing should have more restrictions on pvp servers as now it favors those who play on dead servers and transfer to EL.