PC Update 2.5 Discussion Megathread

Did anyone noticed A LOT stagger drop when hitting enemy thralls?
It was never perfect but since update i can’t place almost any combo on thralls, they attack me as soon as i hit them second time. That’s not how you raise difficulty of game - by nerfing stagger, that’s almost unplayable now…

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For Private Server owners; it looks like


is set to True by default. This was not intended, but is currently out there.

If that’s not what you want, then we recommend server admins go to their server configs and set that variable to False and restart your servers. Some of you probably noticed by now, but we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this caused.


I was scared of that happening. That was exactly what I thought would end up happening when I seen that as a noted change. - I can’t confirm since I’m a PlayStation player. But, it’s not something I’m excited about.

Im always up to balance game more, make it more difficult but this is NOT HOW ITS DONE!
It’s almost impossible to cheese 1 vs 1 thrall as you won’t stagger them, they will hit back as you starting let’s say 3rd hit, once you started you can’t animation cancel, only one option is to roll but are you gonna fight him for 5 minutes? (basic, weak thrall…)
That was LAZIEST attempt to make something more difficult.

Any word on when 2.5 will come to folks playing via Gamepass/Microsoft store on PC?

The private server I play on has been updated and now I am locked out :slightly_frowning_face: I tried checking for updates manually in the MS Store but nothing.

Hi! thanks for the meaty update! wondering if there was any more description for the cinematic video settings. one of them seems to add a “vignette” fade around the edges, and in general it looks a little darker. looks good! just wondering if there’s anything more specific about it.

so far everything works fine with my mods. the only issue (mod related or not i haven’t checked) is the sheathed weapons actually appear directly below my character, pointed up at their crotch (i dare not crouch).

Updated for me today.

Thanks, Ignasis.

Referencing the map from the original introduction of the purge here: Steam :: Conan Exiles :: Patch Notes (27.04.2018)

Based on some limited testing in single-player, it appears that all of Tier 1,2 purges have been turned off. I have a couple of questions:

  1. Has the Tier 1,2 purge types been moved north or also turned off completely as well?
  2. Could the devs update the map provided below in the original patch notes to show the new area of purges?


Some radium torches don’t look very good after the patch with awful and inaccurate colors.

The dyes used in the torches below are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta:

As can be seen, the Red, Orange, and Blue look pretty good. The Yellow and Magenta are a little off (the yellow kind of looks ok in the shot when directly next to the other colors, but is worse in the wild). But the Green and Cyan are absolutely terrible.

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I noticed the same, opened a bug. If anyone has more info, feel free to post your screenshots there:

I’ve been asking for this for years now, I don’t know if the staff doesn’t understand the meaning of “bodyvaults with dupped items” or they just ignore it. It’s gonna be a real chaos now with the new character transfer… I’m sorry funcom, but you guys really have to play your own game to understand why we ask for this…

And, just to add a possible solution for the PVP SERVER TRANSFER, maybe if we had some kind of balance between our carry weight and the time needed for the transfer. Lets say you have 10% encumberance, like an armor and a couple of tools, you could do it almost immediately, but the closer you are to the 100% encumberance, the longest you’ll have to wait to transfer.


I think many are not understanding how the entire transfer mechanic usurpes ANY need to have pvp raid servers at all. It literally encourages offline wiping. There are many competitive (ex?)pvpers who did not care that they got raided and had to repair. They wanted the fight. But allowing clans to bring Surprise God attacks, and offline most the time, suggests why even have Raid servers at all. IT rewards people who avoid the back and forth wars more than encourages FUN fights.

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Dear Funcom Devs,
after the patch 2.5 i had much problems in terms of animations and more serious performance problems. I play Solo.

The problems are:

  1. MAIN PROBLEM: sudden fps drops from 60 fps to 27 - but only for about 5% of the frames - i used the overlay of NVIDIA for it (also tested it disabled, stuttering remaining)

  2. Animation Problems - Character bobs up when no weapon is in Hand - because of the one Frame Knee Bending in IDLE State - there seems to be a timer of 5 sec, so that this happens often if u are in your base.

  3. More Animation Problems - If you have Weapons or Tools (Axe/Pick) in your Hand if you log out, it gets unequipped - but it remains in the hand of the character. If you select now after new start another Weapon or tool BOTH are visible in your hand. It can be fixed if you turn on and off the old and new tools a few times and is then ok for the rest of the session.

Most important for me are the frame drops. I have invested much time in looking for the reasons.

What i have tried to solve it:

  1. Complete new installation of the game (removing ALL Files from previous installation)
  2. New start of the game (siptah)
  3. Installation of the newest driver from NVIDIA for my RTX 3060 (also looking for all other drivers)
  4. Windows ist also on the newest patch

My System:
I5 6600 @ 3.3 Ghz
Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3060
16 GB Ram
Samsung 970 SSD 1 TB

Looking for Bootlenecks (CPU/GPU/Memory/Diskload)

On Ultra Settings (VSYNC on):

CPU Load is about 45% Spikes up to 60% never seen more (Taskmanager and Nvidia Tool)
GPU Load is between 60% and near 70% never goes above these
GPU Memory usage is at 3.5 GByte - the card has 12 GB - so much space left
Memory Usage is under 8 GB - so only about 50%
Activity on SSD is very low, seen there 1% Load, when everything is loaded

I also tried to lower the settings to see if it has some impact on the performance and the stuttering.

On lower settings nothing betters. It seems to have no impact at all. Setting all to Mid changes nothing. Every single option can be turned to low, the fps-drops to less than 30 fps stays.

Capping all to 60 fps ist a bit better, but the frame drops are only a bit rarer, the quality (less than 30) stays.

Where and when happens it more or less:

Standing still is without any drops
Turning 360 degree has drops to 45 fps, often not disturbing
Running and walking has then from time to time thes 27 fps drops, very disturbing.

Before 2.5 i never had problems, with or without mods, everything was smooth and it was really fun just to run and climb and swim and look everywhere. I hope there will be some patch for it, or if some configuration may help fast i am willing to give it a try. I looked a lot in things like Garbage Collection, tried mostly everything i could find in forums, but nothing helped, so i always come back to the original settings.

So just add ServerTransferEnabled = False to the ServerSettings.ini file?

I did not see the variable in there.

Harpagus the Hatcher seems to be missing from the Exiled Lands. He’s at neither of his former spawn points.

He should be near spider boss, not near pillar in I-5 or maybe is he missing from cave too? I once was confused too as some sources claimed it should be on I-5 but it was not.

Yes, he’s gone from there, too.


I see, then it must be bug.

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Anyone had ‘ninja’ patch today? It was around 1.5 GB but can’t see patch notes anywhere…

Any idea when this patch will go live for Console players? I’m newer to the game so I am not sure what the typical time between updates for pc vs console typically take.

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