PC Update (28.10.2020) - Update 2.1: Economy update, Character re-customization and Family Sharing settings

oh I didn’t know that, thanks

You can press ALL seeds to oil, as far as I experienced it so far. :slight_smile:

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You are right on that.

Only when you had a named thrall:
Before this update every armour piece had 3 versions “normal”, “exceptional” and “flawless”. This is I think still worse than the new approach.

Just some thoughts:
I doubt they split normal from the epics in another bench. What would be nice if you had like a category “Light”, “Medium” and “Heavy” or “Normal” and “Epic”.

Or maybe a bench with 2 interactions, one for normal and one for epic. Like this:

  • Normal armour bench show only normal
  • Improved armour bench show only epic
  • The tier 3 armour benched have 2 interactions 1 normal and the other epic (like you face the table press E and the normal versions are shown and when you face the leather and buckets the epic versions are shown when interact with E < or face whatever else that is possible, it should be a clear visual of the bench)

Or is this not how you ment it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m just wondering if anyone else is having 5 thralls spawn on last wave of wild surge? The pattern is 1 wild thrall, 2 wild thralls, 5 wild thralls (including dafari). Just wondering if it’s a bug, intended or one of our mods

Not really great that we now need resin for drying the wood, insulating the wood AND for consolodant? What was wrong with ichor? Fighting bugs was a lot better content than chopping wood. Collecting resin is a horrible task. Please why the arbitrary senseless change? Just to change stuff? FFS

Hey everybody,

We have released a new hotfix for the game, version

  • Addressed an issue where servers would chain crash when certain mods are disabled. (Item serialization error)

Thanks for your continued feedback and patience.


I am editing this post and revising after playing with the tables. They are definately now HUGE and this was sorta a freak out thing for me at first. However having the tanning separated out to the tanning table and tanners is amazing. Likewise the tinkerer is amazing. Having a large production bench mixed with improved benches has helped me stream line a lot in just a few hours. Also adding the extra room for some of these (alchemist) benches has made spare room for stacks of chests that are making life easier still for me. Definitely the size and redistribution of recipes was a shock. Definitely we need inventory auto sorting and some manual filtration of inventory as well as recipes to achieve the needed de cluttering. But this is a huge help.

Sorry for any initial adverse reaction this is pretty great. Big. But great.

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Thanks so much. I’ve kept my servers offline waiting for this so I wouldn’t have to juggle backup saves. Time to fire one up! :slight_smile:

Wonderful that now people can get in, but how about the fix for no vines, no inchor , no insulated wood in benches so can not make the new benches at all, so when can expect those fixes before the weekend so we can play or how will any of us even test the benches if we can not BUILD THEM???

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I agree. Everything is HUGE. Everything is harder to craft, requires more items, requires more table, more space… not sure I like it. Thralls are still as dumb as they were, and the game is super glitchy and buggy still.

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Why? The normal Armorer’s Bench doesn’t show the Epics, so why should the Improved Armorer’s Bench show the non-epics when part of the goal of the revamp was to de-clutter receipes?

At the very least, a checkbox to toggle between Epic and non-Epics would be nice because by the time someone reaches level 60 (about 1 or 2 days now because of the experience gain changes), the only time they’re apt to make non-Epic armors is if they’re on a server running Fashionist and they want to make something for appearance only. Beyond that, the non-epic recipes are unlikely to ever get used and only serve to clutter up inventory.

Another approach (now that we no longer have the Flawless/Exceptional vs. Normal distinction) would be to float the Epic armors above the Normal armors in the same way that the F/E armors had their own grouping when a T3 or T4 thrall armorer was present.

Ideally, I’d like to see a sort of hybrid between these two: a layout that has a checkbox that defaults to hiding any non-Epic armors for which there is an Epic version available, AND has the Epics and Non-Epics grouped separately. In this way, it would still be easy to locate things for which there are no epic versions (e.g. many dancer outfits) while not having out-dated armors necessitating additional scrolling thru the recipe list.


chests get bugged if you loot all while they are still open. (pressing E to open, then F to loot all). they never close, even though visually it looks closed, the tooltip says open. they will never refill until the next server reset because i guess technically its still open.

what I always do now is press E to open, E to close it, then F to loot all while its closed. that seems to be the only workaround.

That’s on purpose. Space is now being considered a “commodity” for base building. No more “tiny” alpha clan bases. If you want an alpha sized base, ‘go big or go home.’

Improved benches have reduced “space” but craft at normal speed with normal amount of resources.
Large benches have increased “space” but can either craft faster with normal amount of resources or craft at normal speed with fewer resources.

As for crafting, bugs and glitches have happened from the release. Its not working as intended yet. But on the stuff that is working, if there’s something you think could be better, let them know.


That is the clearest explanation of the crafting bench changes.
It seems you only need the T2 benches. Like now the T2 Improved Armor bench does both regular and epic armor so you dont need the T1 Armor bench at all anymore.

I’d already made manual SQL edits to the database to remove the offending entries, but I can confirm that so far my server’s running ok after today’s hotfix. i.e. Those admins who used the manually edit workarounds should be OK from what I can see. :slight_smile:

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Huge clans block off whole monuments and stuff anyways whats a few foundations out gonna do? Space is only a commodity to solos and duos. the groups are welcome anywhere and everywhere with no limits how many foundations they can spam across the map

The base I was working on pre-update has increased in size by more than double just because of this update. Still unsure if this is going to make my life easier or not. The tanning table seems very cool. Also the tinkerer and caster.

But huge clans aren’t supposed to do that; what you are describing is against the TOS agreement. If you have clans violating the rules, they should be reported. “Space” is only an issue if you are playing fairly and correctly. If huge clans are ignoring the rules, then yes, its not going to matter.

And notice, you don’t have to make the large benches. You are still free to stick with the “Improved” benches to conserve space, just like before. This patch just adds more “options” (mostly - not counting the new benches that separate the recipes).

So, the level 60 benches that cost a lot of resources to make, are garbage compared to the old.
Blacksmith - cant make iron reinforcements.
- one recipe for steel reinforcements… need an iron reinforcement… I’m not making this
Carpenter Bench - no insulated wood for you…sorry about the cost to make it; should of stuck with the
old one.
Making flasks - most of the time only lets me do 2, after spamming clear queue, you may get to make more then 2 at a time.

Now you need lots of oil. collect lots bugs, feed the fish, but dont wait too long or they will all be dead.

Nope, they fk’d that up 2, need the T1 bench to make the light, medium and heavy (non-epic) padding.
I like the concept of this update, but they dropped the ball over a dozen times in its implementation.

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