PC Wolves of Atropates 18+ E/RP/PvE/PvP with IC conflict (Dedicated 50 slot server) No wipes

Wolves of Atropates Fantasy 18+ E/Rp/PvE/PvP with IC conflict

Come join us for the world you wish to live in ! Let your world be molded around your dreams and desires. We are a very open storyline server . Welcoming new players to the ranks of all of our wildest desires. Many Races to choose from. There are build limits but no limits to your story or dreams so let’s fulfill them to the fullest. Looking to grow and make a home for all of our Rp/Erp needs! ( heavily modded with AoC and more )

Level 60 boost (level 300 max)
Emote kit
Dye kit
Exp 5x
Body doesn’t stay in world
Keep items upon death
Crafting faster than vanilla
Purge is off