Join Our New Server - Eternia Kingdom (RP) No Gods

This is a new server. There will be no wipes unless it is absolutely necessary. We are looking for new players that are looking for light RP, PvP and Castle life style. You may start your own clan or join a current clan. If you would like, the admin is willing to finance 1 base per clan with 2+ people. If we get enough people to join, large events will be organized. Currently, small fun events are being organized for the small group we have giving you the opportunity to win loot prizes. We also have an Arena for fun and friendly PvP matches or against monsters where you can also win prizes. The server has currently 20 slots but will be upgraded if needed. The admin is usually always available to contact. The mods listed below are the current mods, more mods may be added in the future. Gods are NOT active. Purge is active (We are still adjusting the purge settings). We added some cool kits that you can purchase with your daily pay.

Come join us and have fun! We are a fun friendly bunch :slight_smile:

If you would like any other info please contact Bennor#5257 on Discord
Discord Channel :

Current Mods in this order:
Bark ByProduct : Placing logs in carpenter bench, each shape wood made gives 1 bark
Pickup+ : Allows you to pick up items you placed without having to destroy it
Fashionist : Allows you to wear whatever look you want while wearing the armor you want at the same time
IMMERSE RP & Building Decor : Adding beautiful decorations and more things to craft.

These are the current server settings:

Vac Protection: enabled
Items in inventory are dropped on death
Anyone can look player corpses
Harvest amount Multiplier: 3.0
Combat mode: pvp
Experience Multiplier: 1.0
Thrall Conversion Multiplier: 2.0
Item Convertion Multiplier: 1.0
Idle thirst Multiplier: 1.0
Active thirst Multiplier: 1.0
Idle Hunger Multiiplier: 1.0
Active Hunger Multiplier: 1.0
Restrict PVP Building damage: Off

Durability Multiplier: 0.5
Day Cycle speed: 2.0
Unconscious Time: 600 sec
Max Clan Size: 5 (can be changed)

This is the Arena with the people of Eternia bringing life to the Arena cheering the champions on!

Our new boss who is located some where in the Jungle!!

The King has invaded Eternia! Defeat him if you can and grab a chest full of loot!

Can you post the address to the server so i can join in?

I would also be interested in joining, could you give us server IP?

Server IP is : (Query Port: 29415)

We changed/added new mods

Mods in this order:
Fashionist (1.0 compatible)
Pippi - User & Server Management
IMMERSE RP Building Decor
Conan Sexiles