New Server: Eternia Clans ( He-Man Theme) pvp gatheringx3

If anyone would like to join our server called Eternia Clans ( He-Man Theme) pvp gatheringx3. The server has 20 slots, with short nights.

Eternia Goal: The server is for light RP based on He-Man theme. It’s a friendly server that enjoys warring but in a fun way. There will many events that will be organized in the theme with light RP. Admin is usually always available on discord to contact. Admin is open to suggestions and will consider them.

If you would like any other info please contact me on discord and speak to me Chiara#3047 or Bennor#5257

We are open to suggestions on server settings. We want to make the server a fun place to be. There will also be fun events as well. If anyone has a suggestion please comment.

These are the current server settings:

Vac Protection: enabled
Items in inventory are dropped on death
Anyone can look player corpses
Harvest amount Multiplier: 3.0
Combat mode: pvp
Experience Multiplier: 1.0
Thrall Conversion Multiplier: 1.0
Item Convertion Multiplier: 1.0
Idle thirst Multiplier: 1.0
Active thirst Multiplier: 1.0
Idle Hunger Multiiplier: 1.0
Active Hunger Multiplier: 1.0
Restrict PVP Building damage: Off

Durability Multiplier: 2.0
Day Cycle speed: 2.0
Unconscious Time: 600 sec
Max Clan Size: 5 (can be changed)

This is the Arena for PVP events we will be recreating again (because of server wipe)