Eternus RP guild. Server: 70 slots, 30+ people active (PC)

Eternus is a friendly guild focused on socializing and forming relationships with exiles. (at least those who don’t want to collar you!) Eternus is a safe haven of sorts and offers room and board. Enjoy our community house which is open for all to enjoy. Our main focus is storytelling and connecting with others. We are a peaceful clan and plan to stay that way. All sorts of characters are welcome to join us so long as they stay civil.

Currently our home is Cursed Sands. The server peaks to around 40 or more active players, the lowest being 20. They have Raid protection and much more. If you are interested please join their discord and give me a poke!

Check out their discord for rules and info! E8845TZ <— Discord code. Simply hit the + button and join the server.