Per-Wadjet - Recruiting OPEN

We are seeking several positions to be filled on a pvp/rp server. We are in need of strong fighters and very slick trackers and trappers. And people to keep the base warm. We have a goal to send out warriors to demolish and destroy the strongest clan on the server run by admins. If you want to be a part of that, and you like challenges, demolition and like to rp where pvp is used to enhance the story of everyone. Then give me a message on Discord. It is require you join discord.
These are the mods you will need.

Note: I personally as player need your help to bring down the super powers to balance the powers on the server. I have a potato and personally can’t do much on a pvp scale or raid but need those that are able to do so. I write and mainly to alot of rp on that front but need those that are capable and strong, and are willing be a part of the Black Guard which will be the military force of Per-Wadjet. You personally may have any religion you want but the clan religion is set though a silent practice. We are not zealots in that fashion.
You must join this discord to join Per-Wadjet.
From there you will receive further instructions on how to join the conan server. Your discord name must match your character name as well. We do have one admin from the server that happens to run a clan across our build in which we will be affiliated with in some fashion. Come and join us you snake lovers. Bring your immersion to the clan.