Percuso's Scripts & Links ENG/GER

Hey guys, I will publish some of my own created or edited scripts.
If I know the owner of the rudimental script, that I have edited, I will mark them inside the script.
The self-created are bound with a lot of work. I would please you to ask me, before you edit them.

There are guides (mostly in german, had no time to translate all), option settings or changing preferences by a little script except of clicking around in the whole menue of preferences.
Scripts to post in PUGs or RFs to show, you would like to help newbies. I know, not many are reading those scripts, but if only one read this, is a new healer and can now see, what happens to his tank, would be a win situation for all other 23 :slight_smile:

If you have question, please write me here, pm me inside the game or scream for Percuso in Global. There are no wrong questions, just bad answers.

General installation guide:
I present my scripts here in a ZIPped format. You only have to unpack the files inside to your local directory of Age of Conan, in detail to the directory X:\Funcom\AgeOfConan\scripts. If this directory does not exist, create it. AoC will automacally use it.

Additional links to good guides of questlines will come up here, too.
Many thanks to the guys, that made this with a lot of work, and all for our great community.

AoC is better than TV

AoC is better than TV

  • Item database for nearly complete every epic or legendary drop
  • AA monitor
  • script database
  • a guide for the Onyx Chambers in Kheshatta
Johara @ AoC

Johara @ AoC

  • a featplanner
  • a nearly complete achievement guide
    … and many more
HenryX' Blog for AoC

HenryX’ Blog @ Wordpress

  • many instance and quest guides
  • pomp and item presentations
  • a few raid guides
    … and a lot more
Cynara's Blog

Cynara’s Blog @ Wordpress

  • great instance guides
  • a lurker guide
  • many good guides for questlines
  • so much informations about the non farming content like pomp, mounts and a lot about the old world
    … the best blog in my opinion, thx to Cynara for this great work over years
AoC Recipy Listing

AoC Recepies @ GoogleDocs by B.T.

  • all city- and culture-armors and -weapons
  • all architect recepies & drop places
  • all alchemy, skinner and other rare ressources drop places or recepies
RAID tactics

T2 Black Ring Citadel complete @ FC-forums by marienne 2018
T3,5 Temple of Erlik complete @ Wrath of Amra by Yorgomir 2015
The Lurker and the House of Crom @ Cynara’s Blog 2012
T4 Jade Citadel complete @ Wrath of Amra by all their guide stars 2016
T5 Kyllikki Unchained @ FC-archive by evito 2015
T5 Vistrix Unchained @ Wrath of Amra by Ayleetah 2016
T5 Yakhmar Unchained @ Wrath of Amra by Yorgomir 2016
T6 Palace of Cestris @ FC-archive by Caudilloo 2016

And now some useful software :

AoC Stats 1.6.2

Latest version of this parser that I found in the last years
Download @

AoC UI Installer 3.1.0



DarkUI 3.4.2 Download and description @Funcom Archive
StoneruneUI 2.4.5 Download and description @Funcom Archive
StrangeUI 2018 Download and description @FunCom Forums


Useful english scripts :

Colored chat text

Download @
/cy [text] - yellow text in actual channel
/cbl [text] - blue text in actual channel
/cgr [text] - green text in actual channel
/cbe [text] - beche text in actual channel
/ctu [text] - turquoise text in actual channel
/gcy [text] - yellow in GROUP
/gcbl [text] - blue in GROUP
/gcgr [text] - green in GROUP
/gcbe [text] - beche in GROUP
/gctu [text] - turquoise in GROUP
/rcy [text] - yellow in RAID
/rcbl [text] - blue in RAID
/rcgr [text] - green in RAID
/rcbe [text] - beche in RAID
/rctu [text] - turquoise in RAID

Equipment ON/OFF

Equipment ON/OFF
Download @
Use ‘/eqoff’ to hide and ‘/eqon’ to open your euqipment for others.

Raid HUD for beginners (eng/ger)

Raid HUD for beginners (eng/ger)
Download @
This script gives switches for all to activate important raid settings like ‘target of target’ and ‘moveable target’s target’ and a few others (suggestions are likely welcome to increase this content)
Use ‘/ropt’ (eng) or ‘/roptde’ (ger) to activate the sheet in group or raid channels. It works everywhere except the huge and bordered channels. Take a tryout.

Raidfinder Scripts (eng) Update-Version 16th august 2019

Raidfinder Scripts (eng) updated 16th of august :slight_smile:
Download @
At time included :
/rf_3bro - RF2 T3 Lower 1st Boss
/rf_arbanus - RF2 T3 Lower 3rd Boss
/rf_archfiend - RF4 T3,5 1st Boss
/rf_zaal - RF4 T3,5 2nd Boss
/rf_nergal - RF4 T3,5 3rd Boss
/rf_sheng - RF5 T4 1st Boss
/rf_basi - RF5 T4 2nd Boss

Settings for WB fight with lower class computers

Settings for WB fight with lower class computers
Download @

/wbon - fight with 49 others at the same target

  • sets off the showing of names, details, healthbars, badges & levels of target, players and NPCs
  • sets the option of Spell Cast Details to only ‘your own’

/wboff - for no WB fighting

  • sets on the showing of names, details, healthbars, badges & levels of target, players and NPCs
    (if you dont need every option, open this file with any text-editor and erase the line with the options that you dont need, save it, done for your personal preferes)
  • sets the option of Spell Cast Details to ‘all of them’
Khitai K6 scripts (by HenryX & others)

Kun Whu (PC) - /kunwhu -> Link
Necropole (KK) - /necropole -> Link
Cavern of Malice (KK) - /cavern -> Link

Quest Forgotten Gods

This script shows you, where the shrine are and what you have to do as emote. The figures are described, the coords are given for every kithai instance and the emotes are clickable.

And here some interesting questlines beside the new farm-events :

Riot Event in Common District

Best explained by Cynara with the bosses and the possible recepy loot of them. Thx for the great work.
Link @ Cynarablog

Zamorian Emissary Questline in Silk Road

All 3 parts of this great questline, again best explained and illustrated by Cynara.
Link @ Cynarablog

Hand of Glory - Walkthrough in Ardashir

Found this great guide in the old AgeOfConan forums. Published by puckstop98.
Nice work, Mate :smiley:
Link @ AgeOfConan Archive

The Crawling Chaos in Dragon Spine

Again, Cynara made a wonderful job to collect all needed informations and illustrated them great on the blog. Thx for that.
Link @ Cynarablog

The 11 sacred weapons of Hwanung

A short guide found in the archive of Age of Conan.
Link @ AgeOfConan archive


Skripte in Deutsch :

Percuso's Questbox 2.1 - Update 18.08.19

Download @
/qbox - Inhalt in Subscripts !!

Berufe & -Quests :
Durch Klick auf ÖFFNEN erhaltet ihr zB. eine Liste mit allen nötigen Ressourcen für die Craft-Berufe, alle möglichen Juwelen-Crafts oder wo was droppt für den Sammler-Beruf. Die bekannten 3 Baumeister-Ausbildungen, Stadt, Bildhauer und Arcus des Ordens, sind hinzugefügrt.

Quest-Guides :

  • Meilensteine (mit allen Koordinaten)
  • Vergessene Götter (mit Koordinaten und Klick-Emotes)
  • Aufstand im Gesindeviertel (wie kommt welcher der drei Bosse)
  • Die 11 heiligen Waffen von Hwanung (Quests und Questgeber mit Koordinaten, ist ein Edit)
  • Das kriechende Chaos (kompletter Q-Reihenverlauf mit Questgebern und Koordinaten)
  • Tänze (wo gibts welche Tänze)
  • Der Sendbote (Questreihe in alle drei Teilen als vollen Guide)

Es war eine Mordsarbeit, bitte lasst das Brand stehen, wenn ihr es editiert. Inhaltliche Korrekturen sind immer gern gehört.

Percuso's Emote-Box 1.0

Download @
/ebox - Alle Emotes, die ich so gefunden habe zum Klicken, sortiert nach Empfindung/Situation.

Khitai Inis (von anderen Membern)

Kaverne der Bosheit (KK) - /kaverne Link
Himmelsnekropole (KK) - /nekropole Link

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Nice Danke

Schöne Arbeit danke dir dafür!

Kommt noch mehr die nächsten Wochen. Gern geschehen :slight_smile:

Updates added:

Raidfinderscripts for RF5 T4 Sheng and Basilisk -> Load additional files.

Questbox 2.1 (ger), Architekt hinzugefügt -> Lade geänderte Files

Update Architekt : Bildhauer vervollständigt -> Lade geändertes File

Hey guys, I added some links to good guides for the great questlines of AoC.
U can find them in post #2.

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Added some useful software in 1st post.

  • AoC UI Installer 3.1.0
  • AoC Stats 1.6.2 by Mafi
  • Dark UI 3.4.2
  • StoneruneUI 2.4.5
  • StrangeUI 2018
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