Request for creation of Database

Hello, Age of Conan have made a long road, and plenty info can not be found normally, as some resources closed, stopped being devleoped, or devloped rarely. The search engines such as google, have problem, as it start gives Exiles links, and Exiles data, and you cannot simply use “-exiles” in search, as forums connected.
My quest petitioning last time took me 3 GM’s and 1 week to help me.
As game missing new content, lots of old players have left the game, so they can not help you in Genreal or NPH. You may try in eu or usa prime, but there is no guaranties, mostly you end up like begging in global, waiting for person with knowledge.
The searching info is really a big problem.

I will link some resources below explaining their current status and problems. Very sadly, forum prohibits of inserting links.

conan doomdealer
Good database, but stopped developed in 2008 patch 1.0.5 or so.
Really good example of base showing NPC locations, quests given, items rewarded or obtained.

Is for feat planner, builts and achivments.
When site was down, i was looking info on French Kiss guild site, as someone copied that info there. Also site have not full info of rare mobs and other stuff, not show all the spwan points

aoc is-better-than tv
Is logic continuation of doomdealers work, showing info of group and raidloot, what drops where. Also hosting basic scripts for khitai, and Onyx Chambers tour and stats calculaor.

Is lore oriented and its poorly updated. Very poorly, too much missing info there.

Table made for crafting, pretty good one, especially in case if you arhcitect, as you can sort items. Have no idea when last updated, also have missing items as some architect recipts drops

cynarablog wordpress
This blog is about tackticks in hard modes, Lurker spawn, and fashion. Very good if you made an a female toon. Long time without updates.

aochideout blogspot
Is about Lore, interwiews, builts, trolling, class mechanicks works. Very good if you made a sin. Long time without updates.

As you may see, most of all this work were done and being hosted by community, and sadly its not perfect, also its scattered all over the internet, and search engines prefer to see Exiles than Age of conan, of their serch popular request priority algoritm.
There is some quest database avaible for GM and Dev, also GM able to do things impossible for players, like getting full item info, or spawning mobs, and this dont require coding, this require only hired person for this task.
Come on, if u was a GM in mmo, i not need to explain it. GM’s are OP.

So basic requiments for database, it may be started from small things, then filled.

  1. be complete and correct
  2. have properly working feat planner with full decriptions, like ingame
  3. Attribute calculator, gear calculator which would work with virtual feat planner
  4. as craft reamp not going to air, to have all info of recipts, their drop locations, requiments
  5. Achivemnts database with rare bosses and spwan points. Some players are only interested in achievments
  6. Info of Repetable fractions quests with rewards
  7. Items obtained in raids, hard, quest rewards modes and their stats description. Start with most popular
  8. Proper and full quest database
  9. Npc database with map and coords
  10. Have suggestion, corrections tread, discussion tread. Bored dudes can do plenty work freely. Do not underestime community, it can be powerful force, if just allowed to help.

Last time i was doing architect quest, took me 8 h or so, firstly i found some RA officer to help me, as he did this quest but like 4 years ago. Then i was looking myself few hours. The next day another person traslated me text from his guildie from Deautch. She recalled npc name, then i found this npc in doomdealer databse, and found him in noble districts, instead of Old Tarantia. If one npc wont give me option to get laid with her, it probably would be my worst experince in AoC, as the quest description was horrible.

Funcom, for good, this stuff should be made ingame, but we both know it is not possible. So database is very good option. You may not notice, as probably you don’t play aoc, but critical point already have passed, and core players who understand game and recall quest chains, mostly gone, and not being replaced with other. And returning players are not have the same “knowing value” as active ones. You know, we got older, memories fade away and other stuff.
Also population dropped, you see the numbers. If no raid, people do hm, if no hm, people doing solo content(achivements is one of them).
We really need such database, as really, you just cannot ride community spines forever. Time to give something back, and its really best time for it, as i already told, critical point already been passed, time to hurry up. I see you did some very good things, as finaly fixed castbars and double res, things people asked a lot and for long. I know the hard way of AoC, and ending with 2 servers in Usa not an optimistic end for all the hoping in 2008. But i see you worry, and care, so database is compulsory, really, as one of primary task, to keep this game running well, with minimum rectal torture finding things.

Cynara still plays, but as theres no new content being added, there’s no reason to make new posts. At least that’s what I assume in regards to why theres no new posts in a long time.

Slith I think retired from the game. There is a sin called Slithz but I don’t know if it is the same person, and even if it is, Funcom hasnt made any new content, so no reason to post new things.

That’s really what it comes down to. Theres no new content, so no one has any real reason to post anything that can be found with google (even if it takes time).

The old forums are still up as a searchable database, as well. There is TONS of info there.

I for myself think that the new forum structure is horrible, important threads fade away quickly, and Mods do only so much to keep it organized.

Here is a thread with many good and up to date links:

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