Permabubbles - resurrecting an old topic

Game mode: Online PvP Private Server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Online PvP Private Server
Region: America - West

Simply put, any god shield put up is staying up permanently, even if you destroy the altar. That’s right, destroying the altar does NOT make the bubble go away either.

Last time I posted about this bug was in December and I got a reply from someone official around here that they would make the devs aware of it. After the last big patch in December (around the 21st I think), all the permabubbles on the private server went away… and then they came back.

Server was wiped in January, and they have have been around even since the wipe. I have no idea how the heck this is happening. What I would like to know is if 1) FC is aware this happens and is working on it (don’t see this on Trello) and 2) is there anyone else who is experiencing this issue either on private or official servers?

Thank you.

That problem is on Trello it says they are going from Prioritization to development.

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If this is the same thing, then looks like it’s been fixed internally and hasn’t yet moved over to a testlive or live patch.


Hey there,

We have fixed this issue internally and it will be released in a future patch.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thank you all for the reassurances! I was having trouble finding that. Appreciated!

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