Is anyone else seeing avatar shields not going away on their servers?

For at least a month now my server is not only having perma bubbles, but the bubbles are not going away even after altars are destroyed. Anyone else seeing this?

It is a bug. I do not have the details, but you can look here:

Look where exactly? I have used the search feature on the trello board and there is nothing there indicating they are aware of or working on the bubbles. In the bug section of the forums Jens did say he would add it to his report to the dev team, but I have not been seeing this reported elsewhere and was concerned that it is unique to my server… hence reaching out and asking if anyone else is having the problem.

I did ask for more information on this. It is a known issue and is being looked into. Not every issue makes it to the Trello board.

Great, thank you! Do you need any more info from me on this?

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