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This is a compilation of 3 persisting bugs which have affected my game for a while now. The first has previously been reported, and is intended only as a gentle and courteous reminder. The other two I am not so sure of, but here goes.

  1. Show Contextual Controls
    When we uncheck this option in the game settings menu it will activate and hide the button overview during the current play session. However, it will remain saved for only the current session. Upon quitting and subsequently resuming the game, the setting will not have saved. And we must re-disable ‘show contextual controls’ each time we log back on.

  1. GUI Safe Area ‘Issue’:
    I am not sure what is doing this, or even what to call it. Whenever I log onto the server, fast-travel or die (basically see a loading screen) this occurs. The buff and defuff icons are half cut off by the edge of the screen and are slightly overlapped by the hunger and thirst icons/meters. It is fine while at my base and in no danger. Although unfortunately in combat situations, it is not possible to see the number of debuffs stacked on the screen. For example, I cannot tell if I have 2 bleeds or 9. This can be remedied temporarily using the following workaround. Go into Settings > Adjust GUI Safe Area, then stretch the screen either vertically or horizontally outwards, then back in again. However again, this must be repeated every time the load screen has appeared.

  1. Landclaim Notification:
    The landclaim notification no longer appears in my game. EVER. I have checked numerous times that the ‘show landclaim notification’ option is checked in my game, but it still does not appear. It has been many months now since last I saw it. Sadly I have no leads to offer.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Details vary according to each bug above. I am happy to attempt to provide further details is needed.

1st person option(using certain weapons/climbing) has been missing for 1-2 years now. If you happen have it checked from old save or install, it’ll persist) But you can no longer click it with a new save.

Few others… don’t come to mind.


Hello @Croms_Faithful, we’ll be sure to forward your feedback and concern to the developers as issues 1 and 3 have persisted in the game for a while.

Regarding issue 2, there was a similar issue introduced with the Riders of Hyboria update which was addressed several patches ago, how long have you been experiencing it?

Are you aware if mounting a pet has any implications on it, such as making it manifest itself after adjusting the safe area setting?
Asking this since the older issue reproduced this behavior through mounting horses.

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Thankyou Hugo. I know that both are hardly game breaking issues, and as such would not be overly high on priority scale, which is fine. Just thought to pop a gentle reminder.

Please forgive my lack of helpfulness, but I genuinely cannot recall. I know it has been there for a minimum of a few months, so perhaps it was from around the time of Riders of Hyboria. Although I can not be certain. Sorry.

I know that it is always present from the time I load the game, and I have had nunerous full play sessions where I do not utilise my trusty steed. So mounting my horse does not appear to initiate it.

I decide to conduct the follow up testing and discovered that mounting/dismounting my horse without first adjusting the GUI first generated no change. However, if I first adjusted the GUI then mounted, it would cause the icons to revert to an overlapping state. Finally if I attempt to adjust the GUI while already mounted, it actually worsens the overlap.

So there is definately some interplay between mounting/dismounting and the issue. However, as I said it remains in effect from every log on, and reverts back every load screen, regardless of whether my mount is utilised at all during the play session. Just to make more complex for our poor bug fixing team. :sweat_smile: I hope this helps.

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My safe area is right long left edge of screen, (it bleeds off to left by a few pixals) Mounting my horse doesn’t seem alter it.

I have noticed this too, Also when adjusting the slider for ads with the bow it also resets back to original spot when you exit and rejoin server later.

Thank you for the detailed information and for testing the suggested hypothesis, we’ll forward this data to the developers.

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